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The gadget market is incredibly lucrative, with new fascinating devices showing up on daily basis. Not only in web and mobile, the whole tech industry is revolutionizing! The past one year has witnessed drastic booms when it comes to technology.Being a leading web and mobile app development company, we are not only concerned about latest web and mobile related technologies. We are also gadget freaks? Are you? Well, if you are, here is your calling! For the next 10 minutes or so, just sit back and enjoy the ride! Admire the technology! 10. Pebble SmartWatch Untitled The wearable technology is making it big out of everywhere. The Pebble (around $150) is one of the impressive starters in the smartwatch category which proved that high-tech watches aren’t just a geek’s fantasy. There have been a lot of options available in the market as of now but the Pebble is one of its kinds and remains the best example in the whole concept. It comes with a bunch of innovative features like reading texts, accelerometer, sending tweets etc. the Pebble smartwatch features an e-paper screen which prevents the battery to drain in. Read more my previous blog:  how  app developers are responding to wearable computing 9. Nvidia Tegra K1 nvidia-tegra-k1-specs-100222267-orig (1) This time, Nvidia sported a quad-core chip rather than a full-fledged gadget. But DONOT worry! The next generation gadgets that this super-chip is going to power with its 192 CUDA cores, Unreal Engine 4 support and DirectX are going to be more than amazing. At the launch Tegra K1, Nvidia claimed that it would outperform the popular Xbox 360 and PlayStation3, presenting new levels of graphical realism in slate-style gameplay stations that you can even hold in your hands. K1 also represented the NO TV CONCEPT Nvidia is planning to make K1 avail in the market by the end of this year in 32-bit 2.3GHz and 64-bit 2.5GHz versions. We’re excited to see the devices it is going to power. 8. FitBit Force fitbit-force-9to5mac-new (1) Another fantabulous example of wearable computing! Being a leading mobile app development company, we have seen a lot of smart devices available in the market, but the Fitbit Force is certainly one of the best we have come across. The Fitbit Force is a fitness tracker that comes with an OLED display, letting it convey some basic information. It doesn’t drain too much of battery. One should really appreciate the tech as it can now track even your movements and comes with great social integration. 7. Kwikset Kevo d79826a3babac8b365e12f8e6cf54438 (1) Don’t panic if you lose your keys somewhere? Now your smartphone is going to unlock your front door. Oh yes, it’s true! Now your smartphone is your KEY to everything! Powered by Bluetooth, this automated lock is touch-sensitive- all you have to do is to tap your finger to unlock it. The only condition is that your phone should be with you and should be connected with it via Bluetooth. See, no keys, no thieves, and no worries! 6. Leap Motion LeapMotion2 (1) For years, people have treated Gesture Control as just waving your hands in front of the screen. A lot of people never had good experience with the concept because a lot of app never seem to work well with such an interface. Now, the experience is going to be eye-opening. Welcome to the future- Leap Motion (starts at $80). Powered with the 1.0 devices, the concept is a little time-buggy, but is interesting! 5. Samsung Galaxy tab Pro samsung_galaxy_tabpro_sg_6-820x420 (1) As TechRadar’s very own Gareth Beavis succinctly put it: why has Samsung decided to hide its best iPad competitor under such a rubbish name? We have no idea but we do know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is a brilliant piece of kit. The new screen, redesigned UI and the power behind it all mean that this is a real contender for tablet of the year. Bearing in mind it’s January, that’s pretty impressive. 4. iPunch ipunch Yet another mind-blowing example of wearable technology- the world’s first smart combat gloves! The gloves get connected to your smartphones via Bluetooth and let you know how fast and hard you are punching. The best thing it does is that it removes the guesswork out of boxing and training. 3. Amazon Fire Phone img_4408 (1) Here is another masterpiece of technology- a phone that creates a 3D environment, recognizes all the objects around you and lets you know what you should buy, according to your necessity. Isn’t it amazing?The ecommerce giant Amazon unveiled its much-anticipated smartphone- Amazon Fire Phone! The phone comes with 5 front-facing cameras, displays a 4.7 inches of screen and runs on a 2.2 GHz quad-core processor. The main issue with the phone is that the critics have already awarded with the tag of “SHOPPING MACHINE”. Let’s see how it performs in the real competition. Read more here – Amazon fire phone and its effect on mobile development industry  2. 13-inches Macbook Pro with Ratina display xl_Apple-MacBook-13-Retina-Dis As always, the Apple Macbooks are often setting benchmarks for the new laptop designs. With the launch of Macbook Pro, Apple introduced the ultra-high-resolution “Retina Displays”. Apple added some of the most incremental improvements to MacBook Pro with huge price reductions. The 13-inches Macbook Pro with Retina Display (starts at $1,299) features some of the never seen improvements, and this is the reason we have kept it at the 2nd place. 1. iPhone 5S iphone-5s-colors-side (1) And the first position goes to, of course, iPhone 5S! Here comes Apple flagship smartphone, iPhone 5S (starts at $199). With some of the most incredible features like Fingerprint scanner “Touch ID” and iOS 7.1, iPhone 5S is not just the best iPhone ever made. The power-packed 64-bit mobile chip and Touch ID are the few things that makes the iPhone 5S the most advanced mobile device till date. Apple iPhone 5S bags the first place because of its formidable performance and of course, unmatched mobile operating system. Since we are into web and mobile development, we are always curious to know what is next in the technology lanes! We keep an eye on every emerging technology with innovation in mind. Our developers keep a full track of all the latest and trending technologies and believe in sharing it with the world through the web.