Personal Branding Mistakes Entrepreneurs make

In this stiff competition the argument “my work speaks volumes” no longer holds good. You need to be ruthless and carve your niche by personal branding. However, you need to understand the value of personal branding and the crucial role it plays in marketing. Now most importantly there are people who are acquainted with this, but still do it fallibly. After analysing the successful and the unsuccessful ones, I have figured out the bridge between the two.

Let us find out what are they.

1. Find out the perception of the audience

We at times perceive that people do know our brand. While branding we should not assume things, rather we need to know how things work while creating a brand. You need to believe that it’s not what you think of yourself, but what others think of your brand. The way people perceive your brand is highly dependent on you. In order to get into the audiences you need to get a clear sight of what you need to provide. In order be on the same lines you need to ask people that whether you are on the same lines or not.  Ask your near ones and focus on a target group to figure out the position of your brand. Make it simple and playful for the audiences. The word perception test works wonderfully over here. Ask them what comes in their mind for the first time when they hear your name. For instance, beauty comes in our mind when we think of Paris. Collect a considerable sample of data and then work on your image. Project yourself as you wish to and then you can again go to them and ask for their opinion.

2. Craft a clear picture

The biggest mistake what entrepreneurs do, is supposing that the buyers will naturally get to know their brand. They fail to understand the importance of branding and brand positioning. They opine that their work matters and people will automatically get attracted towards it. However, this is not what it seems like as people cannot not figure out things until you tell them. Every brand becomes a brand only after it explains why, where and who of their brand. It’s never wrong to be jack of all trades, but it is certainly wrong to create an ambiguous image. A clear picture can certainly make you master of all trades as well. Generating the need is the necessity of a brand creation. You need to come up with an infallible interpretation of your work in order to generate the need of your work.  Do not let the others speak for yourself, instead describe yourself.
3.   Live your image
Creating a brand is of course not a cake walk for any one. Moreover, personal branding is something very delicate and needs an adept plan. A personal brand is way more than what we think of. People look for you and find out what how you react and be with people around you. This makes it all the more difficult for you to carve your personal branding image. They dig deep down in your ideas and find out your opinions, beliefs and likings.

Successful entrepreneurs very efficiently carve their image and this somewhere affect their sales. Let’s for say if Kim Kardashian endorses a beauty product, its sales will automatically soar because people perceive her as a beauty queen. They are intrigued to know the secret behind her beauty and copy her style statement. So, in order to boost your sales you need to edify your brand and that to with a great image. Creating a fortified image will help to gain huge business profits.
“It’s not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree. It’s what you do with your life that counts.” ~ Millard Fuller

Although this quote relates to the brand building, as technically speaking your image can be a watershed of your business growth. Feel free to drop your queries and comments as they are precious for us.