Tips for Successful IT Solutions Provider

Freelancing for some extra bucks is cool. But when you are planning to start a company, its a different approach altogether, isn’t it?
The trap of commoditization is all set for you and if you slip, it is going to drag you down into oblivion. Sounds horrendous? Well !!! It might be. But it is a truth, which when acknowledged, will pave your way to success. Welcome to the delicate world of the I.T. industry- where invariance is too expensive a luxury. There are 5 commandments, which needs to be taken care of if you want to excel in this industry.

1. Software solutions (including web and mobile) suffer from the abundance problem- the abundance of do-it-yourself options and the simple user-friendly easy-to-customize templates have created a zone of uncertainty. People have too many options to choose from. The quicker you realize it, the easier it will be to decapitate the trap for you.

2. Sales is an easy task deemed tough by the egoistic buffoons, who consider cold calling to be trivial. As a matter of fact, it is the oldest and still the best way to increase your client base. Well of course, if your clients are beating a way to your door, you do not need to do the cold calling !!!

3. There is an important distinction between the prospects and the clients- a successful entrepreneur needs to decipher it. As a one liner, “sales occur only when your prospect meets you- everything prior to it is prospecting”. To succeed in the business, you need to categorize it accordingly.

4. Do you remember the days when we used to flock to a local vendor who used to print our t-shirts according to our needs? Do you still run to them? If you do so, you should skip he idea to establish your own software venture and breathe in some fresh air of the market shift. We have e-stores that print t-shirts for us at a much curtailed price and even delivers at our doorstep !!! More-for-more and less-for-less do not hold good in the present market scenario.Accustomed to GoDaddy and similar domain vendors? For mere Rs.19/month ( Rs.219/year), these are offering you much more than just domain. Even they have listed their helpline numbers in their websites and so they are just a call away. Why would the people even come to you !!!     I have just provided your brain with ample food to chew on for sometime, isn’t it?The upward market trend and the downward market trend have amalgamated. It is less-for-more now. It is all about expanding your market base.

5. The fifth and the most important commandment is the cloning commandment. You need to clone your the most valuable client. Well !! I am not asking you to be a scientist. All in a while, you come across such clients who never down-pay you, never keeps on changing the requirements or occasionally sends bouquet or a pack of sweets in Diwali. They are wonderful, aren’t they? All you need to do is to jot down their quality and find the common quality in them. And keep on searching for those qualities in your next prospect.

These commandments are potent enough of carving a successful entrepreneur out of you. But there are many other points,which I shall be discussing on my impending posts. You can contact us for any IT related query, Visit our website:
Till then- ruminate on these commandments ;)