Amidst of all the social networking apps, do we have any app which can beautify our pictures and club them together. Clubbing the images is important because it is quite irksome when people post their picture every now and then. So, please ditch this habit if you do the same. As according to analysis

Number of Likes œ 1/Number of Post

So, if you are very pro-active in sharing your pics then your should probably give it a thought. Rather you can use Collagify to club your images as one. This app will help you to increase your facebook likes. See how if(1 awesome pic=100 likes) { n awesome pics (aka collage)=100*n likes } Club all your awesome pictures using Collagify and fetch more likes and appreciation of your near and dear ones.

Make Captiavating Collages

Collagify offers you a smooth and simple way to make captivating collages. Although its user interface is quite descriptive but there is also a guide to help you with its functionalities. On its home page you will get three sections namely Free style, DIY and Frames. These sections allow you to make different types of collages.

Free Style

This sections offers you a free space for making a collage of any choice. In this section you get the images from your gallery. All the selected images are displayed at the bottom and you can deselect them using the cross symbol displayed on the top right corner of the image.


DIY stands for Do it yourself. Using this section one can make collages of different shapes enumerated in the section. In order to add the desired image in your selected frame you need to tap on the plus symbol depicted in the frames. In this section you have two ways to add images. You can use the gallery as well as you can click it using the camera.


Although it is the last section but certainly not the least. In this section you can choose number of images per collage. In order to add an image you need to tap the plus symbol and rest all the steps are similar to those in DIY.

Beautify your image

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You can Download this app from here- Collagify also offers you to enhance your image by adding various features. In order to do this you just need to give a long press on the image. After this two options will pop-up. Using these two options you can add an effect and delete the image. In order to close this pop-up you can again give a long press on the very image to close it. You need to tap the Add Effect option to add an effect. After selecting this option you will get a list of effects on the top of the screen. To get the desired effect just tap once on the desired effect. You can simultaneously see the transition of your image on the effect selection. To close this menu you just need to tap an image on the collage.

Other Effects

You can also reposition the image by dragging. Furthermore, you can resize and rotate the image using the pinch gesture. It also allows you to choose the background of your collage from the Application Bar. After selecting this option you can see the background options on the top. To close this feature you just need to tap an image on the collage.

Share your Captivating Collage

You can save and share your collage once you are ready with it. Application Bar also gives you options to save and share your collage. The final Collage will be saved in Saved Pictures. Additionally, you will get an option to share it on various social networking platforms. Use Collagify to augment your fan following. We would love to see your suggestions to add more exciting features in our app. Looking forward to your suggestions and appreciation. Feel free to drop us a line at . Here is the  App link-


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    Thank you for the informative article, Mr. Dinesh. It will prove to be very helpful for all.

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