How Can Mobile App Improve the Client Hotel Business?Last edited on 27/03/2018

The time that we spend on mobile applications is increasing at a tremendous pace. The hotel industry is not an exception. A vast majority of the clients for any hotel business is carrying a smartphone or a tablet. As a result of these smart devices, we have seen a change in behaviour and customer expectations. […]

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Top 6 Best Food Delivery Mobile AppsLast edited on 13/10/2015

Everyone loves good food, but it can be appalling trying to find the best places for quality meals. Thanks to all the amazing Food Delivery mobile apps, finding the best places for food and ordering food from them is now easier than ever. Food delivery mobile apps have created a whole new boulevard of consumption […]

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Why should kids miss the fun? ~YouTube KidsLast edited on 21/02/2015

Why should kids have no fun? As a result of this You Tube has come up with its kid’s android app.  YouTube is certainly one of the best online channel cover exclusive videos from various fields. Therefore, in order to make sure that the correct version goes to the younger generation which is the future […]

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Top 5 Android Spy AppsLast edited on 04/12/2014

Are you a concerned parent, friend or girl/boyfriend, trying to figure out what your dear and loved ones are doing? May sound a bit difficult, but you can make impossible possible with latest and reliable Android spy apps. With its help, you can find out or investigate the activities of your kids and closed one, […]

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Tactics to Increase Mobile App DownloadsLast edited on 21/11/2014

If you know how to market your creation then you can surely rule, but if you are still staggering in the path of marketing, then you need to hear this story. After completing my college, I and a couple of my friends were very much intrigued with the idea of architecting mobile apps, so we […]

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How to Turn Your Idea Into an AppLast edited on 11/11/2014

Do you have an amazing idea for an app, and know it could be the “next big thing”? If your stuck in the idea phase and wondering how to develop an app, check out the following tips and got the ball rolling on developing your app. Do Your Research Before you start the app design […]

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Develop Apps for Google Glass – Mirror APILast edited on 10/11/2014

In the past few years Android has become the technology (operating system) next door. It has captured the market, be it smartphones, phablets, tablets or the latest Smart-tvs. Adding further to the success of the open source platform is the wearable devices such as Google watch and Google glass which has drastically modified the path […]

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Must Check Android App Development SkillsLast edited on 30/10/2014

The mobile world is growing so rapidly that it has surpassed the number of toothbrushes used by people. Being a business owner it is the right time to enter into Mobile via Android mobile app development (one of the widely used mobile platform). If you want to join the league of elite group of mobile […]

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App Development Companies Rushing To TVLast edited on 22/09/2014

Each of the afore mentioned devices have made a success story for themselves. Perhaps, they have a certain limitations attached along with them and thus this segregates the market. However, Google came up with a luminary idea of smart TVs four years ago but was not able to make a mark. I believe that it […]

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Snapchat Mobile App Monetization StrategyLast edited on 29/08/2014

Snapchats has a success story of its own and this made many people raise their eyebrows. At times people have ridiculed its success and cracked jokes about it. Twitter was flooded with sarcastic statements about its CEO Evan Spiegel . “Snapchat valued at $10 billion .. the creator still lives with his dad” — said […]

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