Latest Tools and Technology Used in Web Development Industry

The web developers must constantly upgrade their skills in technology and gather knowledge on the latest tools for increasing their productivity. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, so to stay competitive, it is vital that the developers upgrade their skillsets. But, the upgrades and developments are happening at an unprecedented rate. In this article, […]

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Ultimate Checklist While Outsourcing Work to Web Development Company

The process of Globalization enables talents to be hired from any corner of the world. But collaboration with a remote team is always risky. However, it is necessary that outsourcing need to play a facilitative role in the process of product development of your company – with advantages. The main advantage of outsourcing the work […]

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Top 6 Best Food Delivery Mobile Apps

Everyone loves good food, but it can be appalling trying to find the best places for quality meals. Thanks to all the amazing Food Delivery mobile apps, finding the best places for food and ordering food from them is now easier than ever. Food delivery mobile apps have created a whole new boulevard of consumption […]

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Mobile Screen Size Influencing Preferences

‘Big beast’ or ‘unwieldy’ to be used daily were the reviews of Note received back then in 2011, but now every smartphone manufacturer is after this giant beast size. Apple was the one to chide Samsung’s Note when it was launched and now it is traveling the same route. Apples flagship smartphone iPhone created a […]

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Drive Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

For those, who do not understand Social Bookmarking, here’s a small definition- “Social Bookmarking is saving website’s bookmarks in public websites and getting them tagged them with relevant keywords.” Social bookmarking sites are a place where you not only save your favourite bookmarks but also interact with the community and share your content. There are […]

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Impact of Responsive Web Design on SEO

Do you remember the last time you heard the term GOOGLE IT! Or rather the last time you have suggested some one to Google it. ‘Google it!’ has certainly become the most chanted jingles of all times. (More than Jingle bell!) From cooking to hooking, Google is the answer to all our queries. Let is […]

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“How” and “Where” to Show “What” on your Website

Only 23% first-time visitors and 16% second-time visitors of your website are willing to scroll. The rest 77% of the visitors only see what they find on the fold (the area of webpage that doesn’t need any scrolling). Jacob Neilson Study There was a time when just having a website was enough. People used to […]

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How Colors affect Purchasing

As per a survey at Seoul International Color Expo, more than 92% of the people prefer buying merchandises based on its colors. You will be surprised to know that only 6% of the people decide after touching the material of the product whereas only 1% of the buyers consider something after smelling or hearing (provided […]

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When Should You Re-design Your Business Website?

Websites, being the soul face of any business in this Internet driven world, should be taken care of quite often. With time changes everything, which includes web design technologies to your areas of expertise. According to the recent surveys and analysis, it has been found that the websites which are constantly being worked at are […]

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Sharepoint Apps Surpassing Drupals Craze

 Information is the fuel of the future. It is imperative for eCommerce websites and other websites to manage their content.  Let’s  take an example of  an eCommerce website, there are millions  of  users scouring for products at a particular instant of time. Various companies launch their products.  Precisely,  the hustle bustle of  an eCommerce website […]

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