Changing Strategies of Companies for Festive Season

Change is inevitable. You can not deny that nothing will remain stagnant and it will never undergo change. But if you want to pursue your growth whether mentally or economically you must find out the strategies that may help you come up for that. Especially in the festive season, companies should watch out for the ways which may help them in restraining their clients and to invite the new ones.

You can plan out some marketing strategies during the festivals that can help you in building a better relation with your clients.In a country like India, purchase decisions are most often driven by emotions, the holiday season comes with bonus of reminding the customers about Indian culture by relating it to your products. Festivals provide people a very good opportunity to reconnect with the current and prospective clients or customers.

We have came through the one of the Best outsource IT web development company in India as we have applied these strategies to attract and connect our clients. We feel proud to share with you.

We adapted the basic marketing “funnel approach “ which can be explained as :

A – awareness : Create awareness about your product in festive season

I – Interest : think of ways which will draw interest of end user into your product

D- desire : explain the user, how your product is fulfilling their desire

A- Action : perform the needful action i.e sell your product to the user

This funnel approach was proven to be very beneficial for us.

Now let us focus to the area, basic techniques one can adapt in festive season.

Festive Ads : During festivals like Diwali, Holi and other major impacting festivals,you can develop an innovative and creative ad campaign that would highlight your product as a means to celebrate the festivals.

Provide special Offers and discounts: During the festive season, people are most likely to go for selecting new things so you can target on this trend of your customers to introduce some very attractive offers. This can include any kind of discount, free samples,or even free offers and soon.

Gifting Tradition: Sending postcards,gifts, calling over phone to greet or sending SMSs across your customers is the traditional and the best method to network with your clients and customers. Use greeting card, gifts, e-cards, phone calls and SMSs as a means to inform your clients and customers of the new schemes, offers and your latest product launches or some other update..

Focus on communicating: Most of the people think that corporate clients and your customers would be busy during festivals.but I personally think, It is this time that they get the least calls for business development so you can grab this chance and make a shot. So, keep regular touch with your clients and customers during and after the festivals.

Sponsor celebrations/events: We Indians celebrate the festivals by a gathering with friends and relatives. You can use this opportunity and provide them a platform to do so and can promote your company and products meanwhile. Organizing  some sort of playful games and more can further promote your brand at the event.

These were some of the strategies which may help you out in increasing your revenue and customer value even during the festive season.

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