Enterprise Application Integration Technology


Enterprise application integration technology

Internet is expanding the boundaries and horizons of the businesses. Companies are looking at the new way of selling their products and services by adopting the online channels, be it Uber Taxi service or Amazon online store or Oyo Hotel room aggregator, everyone’s business revolve around their app or website.

But with time, they want more. They want to sell and do business through other apps and websites too. To make your services available to your customers when they look for your services, no matter what app they are using is catching their attention. It can be a great way to build awareness among people and increase engagements.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is integrating one application with another application in such a way that the data and function of one app can be used or performed by the other app also. Take Uber for example, People searching for a place from Google app can order an Uber directly through Google’s platform. The integrated maps technology is used for making this possible which is an essential feature in Uber App. At first, Uber started with Google Maps API but later switched to MapBox due to some disagreement over Google Maps API pricing. Back again, Uber moved to Google when it reduced its API pricing which it is using currently.

Starbucks is also making strategies where customers can order for a coffee any time as they are busy doing other works on their mobile devices. Online channel have helped enormously to deliver a seamless experience to users and mobile experiences has made this whole journey more splendid.

The technology of Application Integration is not new but used from a long period of time. It gained importance as EAI technology is something large companies in the past have always relied upon for taking care of critical and complex business services. All the major functions such as Business Intelligence, Customer Relationships, Supply chain is integrated together with the help of the complex software.

Important functions of EAI:

Data Integration- All the platforms will ensure data consistency.

Common Appearance- There is a common interface for software application access due to which Users need not learn to use all different applications functionality.

Vendor Independence- The businesses need not re-implement the Business rules or Business policies while coming on different applications.

EAI Advantages:

  • Data Transfer across platforms
  • To streamline the processes
  • For access to real-time information
  • Easy maintenance

The open enterprise apps like Uber are becoming increasingly important as the consumers want to have a very smooth seamless mobile experience while they look for the services. The application integration makes the elements of surfing the web, retrieval of information and use of functionality all together a satisfying process.

The Mobile App Development which can use the technology of EAI is going to be the future of Mobile Technology and the scenario suggests that there will be a disruptive wave which will cover all the apps under the sheet of integrated technology through which data and services of one application will be made available through other applications too.