Overcoming healthcare challenges with technologies?Last edited on 11/08/2017

Since blockchain has come into existence a drug trace-ability has become more efficient and transparent. One of the biggest issues in today’s world is the to track drugs accurately. The biggest issue with fake drugs is the quantitative and qualitative measurements in the medicine. There have been incidents in the past that might have damaged the reputation of the healthcare system such as lack of any streamlining of data, fraud in medicines, loss of patient’s data due to technical outage, etc.

When we talk about Mobile application development has brought many healthcare aspects into the picture. Healthcare mobile application development companies have certainly helped building a bridge between healthcare services and accessibility for patients and customers such as E-prescription, uploading and sharing tests, real-time access to reports, etc.

Two technology that changed healthcare are blockchain and IOT (Internet of Things). They individually have their own significance when used in healthcare. Healthcare has completely changed since the time these two technology came into existence. Here are some of the benefits : -


Blockchain and Healthcare

  • Authenticity of drug: Blockchain technology when worked privately helps to control the registration of drugs which are not genuine. In order for any medicine to get registered in the network, one has to be trustworthy.
  • Longitudinal health records: Health records are a major concern when data security is not intact. The primary care records are essential for the patient similarly like the last records. Using blockchain technology provides the assurity of all the records right from doctor’s prescription and reports of treatment.


  • Distributed framework: Blockchain has a digital record system of keeping record-keeping. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger which helps to maintain the data in blocks which is chronologically designed. These blocks provide a systematic network of data accuracy and privacy.


IOT and Healthcare

  • Disease management: Diseases can be treated in time only when they are caught at the right time in a patient’s report. Through IOT technology healthcare providers are able to access any disease quicker as there is a fast diagnostics for it.  
  • Patient’s experience: The connectivity of healthcare system through IOT is at a completely different level. Improving accuracy is the most important aspect, right from timely diagnosis to enhanced treatment outcomes.
  • Better drug management: Drug management is a major expense in the healthcare sector. With the help of IoT processes as well as devices in picture the expenditure is quite manageable for these drugs.

Future healthcare opportunities with blockchain technology

  • The mass amount of data transfer without blockchain technology was totally different. For instance, there was a lot of hospital administration waste.
  • Blockchain technology is a global database system of record-keeping. This enables to transfer data from one place to another on a common platform along with data security.
  • Strong cryptography is what complies of data integrity and it removes the middleman from any type of healthcare transactions.

If you are running a healthcare business, it is important that you your hire a mobile app development company that offers you blockchain technology. The company should have the right knowledge about blockchain services as well as the right expertise of blockchain technology through a developer’s eye.