How Fitness is Connecting with TechnologyLast edited on 24/07/2017

Health domain is the most revenue generating sector for the mobile app development companies. In today’s world where smartphones are essential people prefer to keep a reliable gym health fitness app in the phone that helps you to keep a track on various aspects in your body. Right from blood pressure to keeping a check on your stamina. These app have become a true success for many smartphone users. Here are some of the best fitness apps created of 2017 created by reputed mobile app development companies.

There are many Health Care App Development Company which are keeping an eye over this domain. Everyone is keeping their thumb over the screen these days and trying to focus on their growth, whether it is economical, emotional or physical!

Now people are getting encouraged and taking their steps forward for a healthy life. But no one is keeping a doctor’s appointment in their schedule. So, many health experts and doctors have came up to this idea of having Health and Fitness Apps .

1. Digifit iCardio:

  • This mobile app provides you an honest stats about your workout.
  • It collects the entire information that you can access easily about the heart rate, the bicycle rides and other workouts

2. Fit Radio

  • Fit radio is a type of an music streaming application that provides you music for your workout.
  • You can easily select any genre of music right from doing yoga to practicing Zumba.

3. FitNotes Gym workout log

  • Powerful apps can surely take control of your life is a better way.
  • App is free of cost and offers features like your everyday database for exercise, a workout
  • The log that helps you keep a track of what you are doing, helps you to categorize your workouts.

4. Ingress

  • This app can actually help you get back into shape.
  • Ingress engages you in a video game that only works when you walk around the house.
  • This app also features missions that lets you go on a mission such as Scavenger hunts.

5. RunKeeper

  • For you runners out there, this app is the best possible experience.
  • This is an Android app that helps you track your running performance.
  • You can also create various fitness plans as well as measure your heart rate.
  • You can integrate other devices with this mobile app as well.

6. Pocket Yoga

  • Yoga is a great way to exercise and stay in shape.
  • This app offers its users more than 200 poses along with animations and voice instruction.
  • You can keep a log of your yoga and create various yoga workouts.

Adapt small and preferable healthy habits as a start and find a change in your routine. this mere change in habits and routines can bring your health to edge of paradise in this fast career oriented world.Massive revolution in Information and Technology sector brought people more close to the concern towards their health , fitness, steps or routine that should be followed before having prescriptions.