How Health care Apps help in medical diagnosis?

Healthcare apps immensely contribute in right medical diagnosis. Imagine a situation where you notice that your heart rate is above average. There are various social benefits of bringing healthcare app on various smartphones such as: -

  • Increase trust and respect between patients and doctors
  • Provides much quicker assistance to families with better care.
  • Improves data record in the healthcare management system
  • Cost-savings from a reduction in medical errors, legal costs, number of treatments, etc.
  • Care services has improved in improves efficiency.
  • Prescription drugs at your doorstep.

There are various healthcare app development companies that offer highly helpful assistance to every smartphone user. There are various other business benefits for healthcare. Such mobile apps increases the market share of any organization. Here are some healthcare care apps and how they serve you better:-


  • DoctorOnDemand: This app lets you see a doctor for a video consultation. This doctor will write you a prescription and answers you all your question. This healthcare app lets you meet psychologist on emergency basis. Whether it is a non-emergency or emergency issue, this app helps in 24*7 assistance.
  • HealthTap: It is a virtual medical appointment with a doctor. You can get live consultations and even get your own personal doctors anytime. HealthTap is an app from where you can prime membership. This app gives you complete access to top doctors around the country and in-app message.
  • LiveHealth Online: This app is a telemedicine service that can see you video call and even get a prescription written based on virtual visit. You can always see the cost of your consultation before your appointment.
  • Microsoft HealthVault: Is an online mobile app service that helps to keep your medical records intact. This app has been there around for years and can practically measure blood pressure, glucose and oxygen saturation as well.
  • PillPack: PillPack is an app that works with your healthcare provider by helping you get your medication refilled automatically. You can also add in self-prescribed vitamins like fish oil, multivitamins, etc.
  • HealthTap: This is an app that lets you have a virtual appointment with the doctor. You can get your own personal doctor when you join HealthTap that gives 24*7 access to top notch doctors.

How does these apps work?

Healthcare apps can store immense medical data on a common platform. Healthcare apps can help you view all your lab results online. You can upload your medical results as well as update them whenever possible depending on healthcare app. Some healthcare apps are only fitness oriented, which keeps a trigger on your fitness.

Right from heart rate to how much calories you should burn. Using healthcare apps help you in keeping a track of your health on a daily basis. You can keep a digital track all your day-to-day health.