How IOT is bringing digital transformation?

Internet of Things is the word spreading like fire around in the corporate world. Highly sophisticated ecosystem of a business are being driven by Application Programming Interface (API). From telecommunication industry to travel, IOT is slowly molding business to gain better control of communication with physical devices. IOT has a very promising future however, there are a few questions on security end.


To top this technology and bring it to perfection, IOT blockchain apps are building an unbelieve technology. The combination of the two lets you control devices on a highest security level to ensure the application or devices you use has flawless operation. In IOT, User-Managed Access (UMA) is a new standard that offers framework protection to a point that only the users allowed to access the data can modify it in reference for IOT database.


One of the biggest digital transformation IOT is bringing is the development of mobile applications for industries such as Healthcare, Travel, Food delivery, blockchain technology integrated apps, etc. Internet of things majorly is contributing in reinventing industries on levels such as: -


    • Process in business: Digitalization improves products and services by offering customized solutions for users. Aiming to deliver the best customer experience while using a mobile application that lets you connect to the physical devices.
    • Business model: There are various industries which continue to involve and might merge in future with different technologies that offer better business opportunities. For instance, Internet of Things with healthcare industry can offer a completely new way of treatment for doctors as well as patients.


  • Adaptation: Companies new and old need to be flexible in adapting new technologies that can benefit the business and offer new way of achieving goals. For instance, In a travel application, it has become so important to be highly competitive to ensure that the business runs in profit. Using IOT in a field like travel helps to gain more control over hassle tasks that can turn in a matter of convenience for the user.



Internet of Things, as per business insider premium research, by the year 2020 there will be more than 24 billion IOT devices on Earth which estimated to be four devices connected per person. The flow of thing technology has been so vast that suddenly every organization wants to lay hands on it with features such as device integration, immense data storage, security and high-end connectivity. Many companies are hiring IOT application development companies that help to build application that can control devices.

Cyber attacks are a major growing threats everywhere at the moment. This is making companies more finicky about their data. Cyber attacks can damage the entire infrastructure of an organization and ruins all the tools that can establish a business. In order to ensure that new technology and fully secured, the idea of blending blockchain with IOT has been a true success.

Internet of Things has become a huge concept in lot of ways. There is a combination of various forces that are domination IOT in various industries such as:-


Smart buildings Travel Industry
Healthcare Management Food delivery services
Logistics Infrastructure

Imagine a world with more than 30 devices for each and every individual which he/she can be connected with that would be somewhere around trillions of sensors. The old way of addressing machine integration has completely changed since the time Internet of Things has came into the picture. Safety is one of the best advantages where IOT technology is used.  Through this technology managing hazardous environment through one single control can certainly help in providing high-end safety.  IOT lets you take complete advantage of full connectivity that helps you to decrease business costs. Since these tasks of keeping a track on energy balance, productivity chart, etc. can be done by a machine. IOT contributes in saving a lot of money. IOT technology is booming one of the most booming technology since the time of the internet existence.