Cut Short the Cost of Your Next Mobile App

According to the statistics 40 million apps are downloaded from the app store daily, but only a handful stays in the users phone. How can you manage your survival with such a skewed graph of the downloaded and running apps. Nowadays, the development cost are soaring high and because of this the companies are unable to generate maximum profit. In order to do this you need to cut short the development cost.

In this scenario you have two option choices, such as:
a) Learn to code.
b) Learn to hire.

However, I believe that the latter one is more convenient. And, I am supporting it, as it keeps you at a safer side and it only requires a little home work from your end.In this article we will discuss some of the basics costing factor involved and factors which can help you to hire the best mobile app developer. Simultaneously, this will in return cut short the development expenses. Now we will discuss the factors affecting the cost.

1) Budget

As we all need to know that before going for a trip you plan it. Commuting, stay and everything else is planned according to the budget. So, predefine the scope and cost of your mobile app and thus it would be easy for you to get an estimate of your cost.
In these kind of apps you just need to figure out your main objective.

And there are various open source code samples available in repository sites such as Bitbucked and GitHub for your help. This is a kind of added advantage for your app, as it is a great source of competitor analysis and with this you will be able to add new features to your app.

2) Cost according to your Apps category

Nowadays, these news website are throbbed with ample of news about the new mobile apps launched by big brands.
Hyperlase, YouTurn and many more and I am pretty sure that these companies have hired a professional android app development company.

In order to be very specific with your app development cost, you need to be very specific with your apps idea.
In order to do that, I have categorised the apps in terms of the following features and have also mentioned the cost incurred to hire the developers.

  • General app
  • Database supported app
  • Gaming Application
  • Enterprise Application

General App:

This name coined by me in order to denote apps with simple and generalised functionalities. For instance, in such apps everything is installed in the device itself and is built using templates. Thus, I believe that the cost of developing such apps will not be much. However, Android is diverse and scattered thus its development cost is considerably higher than its contemporaries.

As we know that Android is an open source platform and it is easily customizable. Thus, a; the third party mobile developers modify Android in accordance to their needs and try to create their own brand value. Whereas, iOS phones are manufactured only by Apple. This has a considerable effect on testing environment and this increases the cost of the development. Thus, this implies that the development cost will be much higher than other platforms such as iOS.


So after a thorough analysis, I came to know with these figures that a skilled Android app developers take $90-170 per hour, wherein iOS developer charges $70 – 140.

Enterprise Apps:

The monetary gains of an enterprise app is 4 times of the regular consumer based app. Moreover, now every big brand is coming up with their in-house devices such as Amazon’s firephone and etc. And this has made it a point for developers to show keen interest in developing enterprise apps.


Now, developing an enterprise app becomes a crucial affair, as it involves business integration and data storage on the device as well as the server. As testing is anyway costly because of the fragmentation of the OS. Thus, the hourly development cost of an enterprise android app is $250 and that of an iOS app is $ 220.

Gaming Application:

In order to become famous in the field of android apps, you just need a rocking game app idea. Games have become a universal time pass and if you hit it right then you can rule this field overnight.
Now, lets talk about the key steps involved in developing an Android app.

  1. HD android games
  2. Single player games or multi-player games
  3. Character designing (2D or 3D)
  4. Designing the User Interface
  5. Testing on various android based platforms
  6. Showcasing to the Android market


Since a gaming app involves a lot of factors, thus it becomes a bit costly than other genres. Thus, the cost to hire an Android Game developer reaches up-to $500 per hour. Moreover, the cost of developing an iOS is somewhat $420.

Database supported apps:

Before developing these apps you need to ponder over certain things such as
1) Your apps reach
2) How to handle the users
3) Data storage and integration with existing data
4) Integration with cloud API
5) User engagement
6) Data security
7) Data analytic s

Few the list is long!
The Databases supported apps integrates with the databases and uses Backend as a service. Thus, their drafting becomes more hectic than the normal apps as you need to manage both the worlds i.e. the front end and the backend.

Following are the factors working behind these apps:
Time multiplies:
The development time will increase in such apps, as now we need a front-end as well as back-end development.
Extra skill requirement:
For the development of these apps you need to hire developers with back-end development skills as well. This might be a tad bit rigorous, as we need to find ambidextrous people.

The hourly cost incurred to build such apps for Android OS is between $170-250 and that for iOS is between $140-210.

How to hire the best: Cost vs Quality

My dad always used say to me, “You cannot eat the cake and have it as well.”
The aforementioned figures is a sweet reminder of him, as they say that one can not develop good quality apps at reasonable rates.

So, in order to develop the best quality apps and at reasonable rates you need to do some research. You need to scour over the net to find the best iOS and Android app development companies in India. So. when you are looking for a company, you need make sure that the company has managed to gain a great deal of experience in this field.
Make sure that they have developed apps with different functionalities and not merely information providers. Ask questions about their best work done till date. Do not forget to ask about their developers and the experience they have in this field.

Furthermore, you can ask certain technical questions. Let us suppose that you have to make an app for a news agency. Now, in this app you need to incorporate a functionality which always keep the trending news on the top and breaking news just below the trending ones. So, prepare such hypothetical scenarios and ask questions about their implementation.

Do not forget to discuss your App monetization strategy:
Now this is the most obvious question, as for sure you are not here for a charity. Opps! that statement is way too business oriented.
But, return on investment is what you exactly want from you mobile app. However, in order to ask questions about app monetization you need to be prepared. Read latest articles on app monetization.

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However, this will also help you to gain theoretical knowledge, but in order to understand the monetization process in a deeper sense you need to know the latest strategies adopted by successful apps. We have some very great examples like Snapchat. You need to figure out the stage which became the watershed for their success.

Moreover, I am laying stress on monetization strategy because this can surely take you from rags to riches. So, it is very much essential to pick the right one. Furthermore, an experienced app development company will surely help you to find one.

Why outsourcing is the best option:

Their is a considerable amount of difference in the currency value when we are compare US(or other developed countries) and India. So, you can hire brilliant app developers in India at reasonable rates. Thus, by this you can curtail the cost of you mobile app and the best part is that you do not have to compromise on the quality.

For doing it right just figure out the core needs of your mobile app and rest we will do it for you. Being into mobile app development since last 6.5 years we have crafted apps for numerous well established organisations. Therefore, feel free to contact us regarding development and business related queries. You can drop us a
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