Increasing Customer Engagement Through Travel?Last edited on 21/08/2017

Travel has been the soul of many people to relax and cut down on their stressful lifestyle. The rise in technology has impacted the travel industry is a much better way. Highly engaged travelers prefer to use mobile application which not only enhances a travel business but also is one of the most successful customer engagement strategies.

Travel portal application development companies help in building the powerful application. In order to ensure that the customer engagement becomes a loyal evangelist, you need to ensure that the entire experience of the customer while doing business with you is more than just average.

One of the successful formulas that allow you to succeed in customer engagement is understanding the right needs and demands of your customers from your business. For instance, a travel business needs to be informative, widely spread, well-known among hotels should offer flight bookings, etc.

Technology also plays a major part in customer engagement by letting you connect better with your users. This further helps to touch different types of markets with the various audience. You can only engage high profile clients and customers with top-end technology and features in your travel agency software and travel booking software.

Here is how you can do it: –

  •  Optimization: A fully fledged mobile application is an important aspect of customer engagement strategy. More than half of the travelers book a flight, hotel and even the entire vacation is booked using a mobile application. If you want to keep a steady communication with your travel agency business app and the customer you will require to provide them with every travel information they are seeking.
  • Live chat assistance: Right from providing information to answering all the doubts, a live chat helps in communicating better with your client at that very moment. Live chat is a great and a sensible way to increase user-engagement on your website with various issues and questions that a customer might have in their mind. This helps in branding the travel business by providing excellent customer service. 
  • Promotional offers: A major part of marketing strategy is promotional offers. It is said that a customer makes the highest purchases during the time of sale seasons or discounted offers which helps the customer to become more loyal to the brand itself. You need to offer you a little more than just discount, engagement them in conversation through live chat, survey, etc. and understand what they are happy and not so happy about with your travel business.
  •  Social media: You need to ensure that the content you are writing is engaging users to read more about your business. For example, if a certain airline is providing cheap tickets then your online travel agency app and mobile should reflect that so more and more customers can book tickets for availability. Use more and more communication channels to let your customers know what is trending in travel.
  • Provide options: Travel business doesn’t mean that users who don’t require the entire travel package should not be entertained. You can offers hotels to travelers who have already booked their transportation tickets or vice-versa if needed.