Innovation in the Healthcare Industry through Mobile AppsLast edited on 21/07/2017

If a hospital doesn’t have any smartphone application to offer then it is time to offer such hospitals the best possible solutions. There are ample number of health applications available among which only a few of them are the best. Practically speaking, there is a lot of excitement around mHealth which is better known by mobile healthcare. These apps can save a lot of your time as well as the doctors time.

Here are a few application ideas that has changed innovation in healthcare.

  • Emergency room check-ins: You must have heard how emergency room always has a long waiting list for patients. There are specific apps which provide ER wait time at some hospitals for multiple facilities. These apps help booking an emergency at ease at the need of the hour.
  • Treatment and living assistance for Alzheimer patient: One of the most influential causes of death is Alzheimer disease in American. It is one of the most incurable diseases till date. Medical researchers and doctors are still on their way of finding the cure of this disease. Healthcare apps have immensely helped in creating interactive apps that helps to stimulate games   
  • Expediting emergency room check-in:  Extreme situations such as a twist in the ankle or very high temperature can be a bigger problem than you think. In such cases one needs a ER and in order to do that you would require a reliable  healthcare application that can immediately help in bringing medical aid or trigger to the hospital for an ambulance.
  • Medication reminder and provider notification: Some situations such as too many prescription can leave the patient confused or lose track of each and every medication. Mobile healthcare application can certainly help in tracking every single medical intake. You can keep reminders and notification through the application which will help you to constantly be updated with medicines, medical appointments, allergies and even can provide you health tips.
  • Medical advices/reports from any location: Mobility is the biggest advantage of a healthcare application. Healthcare apps have certainly helped people and doctors to provide medical assistance even when while traveling. Weather it is the patient’s report or a consultation with the doctor, some healthcare application helps to upload and download medical report and the prescription from any location.



Efficient healthcare apps are provided by a reliable healthcare application development company. These companies are the core reason for healthcare industry’s success and help them to bridge the gap between healthcare services along with patients. Even though there are development companies that claim to have extreme knowledge of healthcare services, it is important to research beforehand. It is difficult to research and select one mobile application development company that knows what is the best for your healthcare business.


How to find a healthcare app development company?


  • Understanding the profile: Company’s profile details is the first thing that helps you identify whether a company’s service is worthy or not. Profile gives you a brief understanding about what the company truly deals in.
  • What does the client say?: Reviews are the most honest aspect of the business. Everything sums down to what your client has to say about the experience they had with you while doing business. This factor can either attract businesses or degrade your business.


  • Years of experience: The more experienced the company is the better for its clients. The company should have the right experience to built an application for different industries.
  • Tools the company: Tools means the most updated technology that a company can use in its development phase. Mobile applications can be equipped with technology such as Internet of Things(IOT), Blockchain technology, etc. which is important for the business.

Blockchain technology and IOT are the two most in-demand aspects of mobile application development at the moment. For instance, if you have a healthcare business and require an application development company you should consider finding a company that offers you mobile development using the best technological aspect possible whenever needed.