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Ever since its announcement in the World Developers Conference this year, iOS7 has gathered a lot of heat with people talking about its new specifications, innovations rather, all over the world. This autumn, get ready to witness one of the most innovative changes in mobile experience.

According to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, it is going to be the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone. As he said, the new user-interface will be the main blast. Equipped with whole lot of high-end technologies like translucency, layering physics, refined typography, and gyroscope-driven parallaxing, the iOS is going to hit the mobile market like a techie innovative storm. Unlike the conventional flat UI, the iOS will showcase a 2.5D zooming user interface.

In Apple’s iOS 7 presentation, following things were emphasized:

MULTITASKING: The all new iOS7 has also joined the club of reliable multitasking. Unlike its predecessor iOS 4, the new iOS provides full multi tasking for all apps. The multitasking layer also provides for background updating of apps at the same time notifications are pushed to the device, and the previews of all running apps. Isn’t it amazing?

Control Centre: The control centre is available by scrolling up from the bottom of the screen and juices access to various settings like AIRPLANE MODE and brightness, media controls and several other apps shortcuts including a built-in flashlight, compass, camera and calculator.

AirDrop: The new iOS 7 integrates Apple’s ad-hoc WiFi sharing feature AirDrop for the iPhone 5, iPod Touch(5th generation), iPad(4th generation), and iPad Mini. 

Camera: with the new camera interface, you can simply swipe between four different modes( videos, photo, square photo, and panoramic photo). It also offers live photo filter previewing.

iOS in the Car:

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 iOS in the Car, due for release in 2014, uses Siri integration in selected car models to offer eyes-free and hands-free satellite navigation, telephony, music and iMessage integration through the car’s screen.

Live wallpapers: The only display flaw is out of the list in the new iOS 7. Now, like all other OS like android, you can install live wallpapers on your screen. 

App Store: The all new iOS 7 provides a very useful app store now. Now search with options like age range and location-aware sharing.

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With all these fantabulous changes, the iOS 7 is definitely going to be a beast out there in the market and its innovative features is going to a threat for other mobile players. Ever since its announcement, it is getting mixed reactions with techies are anxiously waiting for its launch, while it is being criticized for perceived design flow and usability issues.

We, being a leading IT outsourcing company, are anxiously waiting for the beast to be out of the box. We bridge up experience and willingness for excellence to mould up innovation in the leading score of iphone app development and android app development.



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