Facebook, Cost-effective Marketing PlatformLast edited on 13/01/2014

Social media marketing is a communication strategy that increases the presence of business online and helps draw traffic to advertisement. This is an ideal marketing tool, especially if the priority is to gain new customers, as well as if the marketing budget is small or product ties strongly to technology. There are various media tool available in the market. Facebook is one of them which is most cost effective and best marketing option for small businesses.

Facebook is a well-known media site that millions of people are a part of. It is always a good platform of marketing for small size companies. These companies always focus on efficient marketing with spending less money and getting more audience and their response.. Facebook is aviable, cost-effective and efficient form of marketing and advertising for many small and mid-sized businesses.

Facebook advertising is still more affordable than many other forms of advertising
For small business, like fabs, Facebook is the most cost affordable marketing option. The budget can range from $750 to $1000 per month. With small investment, ad in Facebook can attract many eyes.

Targeting audience options still make it more efficient than almost all forms of print and mainstream media
With the help of all demographic information, Facebook allows to target a set of audience or buyers for a specific product. It provides target option like gender, age, location, language, marital status, relationship with, education, interest etc. Rarely any other media can provide this option of targeting the audience.

Facebook, a social media tool for marketing
Most of the people either working or home workers have access to Facebook every alternate day. It is the best place for small business. Facebook approach to the audience is 91%. Now almost every mobile has Facebook and more than half the users of it visit every day.

Facebook offers two-way engagement with real, human fans you can’t get with other paid media options
Printed advertisement can be in one way. You pay for that and your ad will be published, the audience will see the ad and may reach you. This is slow and attracts less audience engagement.
On the other side, Facebook offer two way of engagement. It can have the option of commenting or liking or sharing the product which was advertised. When the audience use any of these options, their friends may also see the ad.
The image below is an example of an efficient ad.

Facebook provides Low-Friction Conversions -  A Facebook user will not want to get engaged in buying a product but it can attract him to the website for detail by providing a link or button for further action. Mostly for small business, it can ask the user to write their e-mail id or phone number in the text box provided on the ad and later on the product can be marketed through e-mail or tele-marketing.

Fast Ad setup and easy monitoring - The Ads on Facebook are easy to set up and can also be monitored easily by users. There can be control on the marketing budget. Also, they offer many tools to evaluate the success of campaigns. Hence, it is the most powerful social media marketing option for small businesses.

Review your Ad performance -   Facebook provides the tool through which one can monitor the performance of ads. The tool provides data about all aspects of ads. It generates reports such as advertising performance and responder demographics.