iPad Apps: Symbol of Growth or Step to Grow

Quora has recently launched an iPad app and this has lead to various speculations and discussions. Be it personal, professional or philosophical this Q & A website receives questions from all walks of life. Despite of this it is still unable to maintain an aura like the Jelly (Biz Stine’s Q & A app).¬†According to the latest market news, Adam D’Angelo the CEO of the website assures that its popularity has swollen a lot. The app was launched on Thursday and he posted that it will surely add weight-age to their campaign.


The two statements are confusing.We actually do not know about the exact growth in numbers but according to him the answers written in the website per week were thrice than the last year.

What made them launch an iPad app after THREE years?

This is indeed a very important question which pops up into our minds. That why they took three long years to launch their iPad app. Moreover, I perceive that the latest statistics which says that 13.28 million iPad have been sold in for the last 3 months and 78% of the browsing was done using the iPad.


Theses services say loud and clear that iPads are surely taking over the technical world and these statistics are forcing the companies to develop iPad apps. Well I was thinking that why iPads are more in demand than the comparatively smaller and bigger devices.

Well we do not know about the previous growth but iPad apps will certainly help you grow,
As iPads are totally in.

Ipads are nowadays used by business men as they offer you great productivity. Wherein, mobile phones or let us say an iPhone provides only 3G/4G calling facilities and rest all other features are there in iPad. Furthermore, iPads are easy to carry when compared to the laptops. This has resulted in widening the utility of the iPads.

All the iPads now have the latest version of operating system which is the iOS 7. Moreover, now the app development companies should certainly utilize the special features provided in iOS 7. One of the latest feature of iOS7 is its intrinsic QR Code scanning capabilities. Companies have realised this fact and they are shifting to iPad development.

Competitor analysis:

We know that the biggest rival of iOS is Android. So after market analysis we have figured that only18% of the users have the latest version of Android and more than 14% of the clients still use the 2010 version. Thus all the latest features are futile as they users are unable to utilise the latest updates.


Apple has been a luminary when it comes to launching awesome features. Talking about the very famous retina display, iPad app developers get to use the two screen resolutions

  • 1024 x 768
  • 2048 x 1536

However, its contemporary Google chose the other way round. They empowered the Android app developers to make a choice in the resolution. This has given Android an extra edge but this has complicated the development as the higher functionalities can be used only by incorporating the lowers ones.


There is a buzz in the market regarding the security features. Due to rivalry people started speaking about the security features of the two platforms. But the security features of iOS are indeed unmatchable to their contemporaries. Additionally, this can be sufficed by the marketing campaign of Samsung as they claimed to provide the most secure phones. This proves that the third party manufactures need to put in extra efforts in order to make Android secure.

Why iPad has an edge:

We can see form the above discussion that iPad have a lot of facilities for the developers. This is now in reverts us to the point that the people are now using iPads. Moreover, iOS development provides a lot of help to the developers which fosters a high quality development.

iOS 8 is speculated to hit the floor on September 10, 2014

After all the beta testing and feedback, iOS 8 is all set to land in the competition on September 10 this year. Furthermore, iOS8 has already captured a fare share of limelight during the its beta release. It is coming up with some awesome tools and APIs. Healthkit and Homekit are the popular ones. Moreover, iOS8 will launch around 4000 new Application Program Interfaces.
To read more about iOS8:

Big numbers


It is estimated that more than 60 % of the devices will adopt the latest operating system. Therefore, in order to stay ahead in the competition you need to pull up your socks and appoint the best developers to get an extra edge in the competition.

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