It Takes Ideas Not Money To Market a Mobile App

Mobile App developers or small business owners have predefined conception (MISCONCEPTION: In my opinion ) about mobile app marketing. They think that app marketing requires a huge capital and they won’t be able to create a space in the market without money. So, let me tell you this thing very clearly that mobile app marketing requires a breath taking ideas to reach millions. Adding on to the resourcefulness part, let me tell you that I am very observant at analysing free resources. This started with my search for free domains to find an online vent for my creative pursuit. So, this article is a cumulative sum of my analysis. Let us break the moola myth and find out some brilliant free marketing moves which will make your business groove.

Video Marketing

I guess no one in this world has the time to live, let alone reading lengthy articles. However, people do have the time to watch a quick video and this will leave an impact of your app. Moreover, videos can help you to deliver a fair amount of knowledge in lesser time. They are the best medium to disseminate your apps functionality. It is pretty clear that the screen shot provided in the app store are not sufficient enough to give a detailed description of the app. Generate a need of your app in their lives by creating a breath-taking video.

Craft a Website or Blog

GoDaddy is not the only daddy in the web domain world. We have sites such as Tumblr, Posterous and Blogger which provide free hosting of websites. This can help you to provide the users a detailed description of the app. You can put this URL in the app store as well as in the signature of your emails. Further, you can use social networking button to share your app on social platform. You should write creative blogs and post regularly. Moreover, you can talk about the latest updates you have made in the app and updates that you are planning to launch. Moreover, you can seek suggestions and you can also discuss technicalities. And do not forget to add your video here.

Guest Post

Don’t be afraid of highly professional marketing strategies used by big players in the mobile app development world. If you are a debutant in this field, don’t worry you have landed on the correct page. To pave a way for the newcomers we have websites which accept guest posts. This is a great way of increasing your audience base. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that you need to write genuine things about your app rather than boasting or exaggerating. This also helps you to fetch the traffic to your website and certainly it is an incredible SEO strategy. This will boost the traffic on your website and will increase the number of downloads of your app.

Social media as a powerful tool

We all are fond of freebies and the best part of social media marketing is that it is free and will be forever (As per facebook and not considering the Jukerbergs mood swings). Popularity of these social networking sites needs no introduction. Nowadays, I believe that apart from neonates everyone is using them. Is it okay to post business related post on facebook? First of all, mobile app marketing is not a business work. Because users also need a great mobile app (as much as we want to tell them about our app). Moreover, we have linkedin and reddit, which are professional social networking platforms. So, do not feel that you are encroaching the free space provided to you.

Do not hesitate to market your app. Make memes, use striking quotes and pictures to project shamelessly.

Get creative with PR

People do get attracted to the new stuff. So, in order to gain their attention you need to use creative new ideas to attract them. Furthermore, you can use related websites to showcase them. Thus you need to find out business which relate to your apps and gives you a smooth way to reach the target audiences. Let us suppose that your new app is a library of beauty tips, then you need to visit beauty salons. Seek permission to paste your banner or posters in the premises. In exchange you can advertise them online. Moreover, it is sheer dearth of creativity if you go for purchasing the apps in this online era.

User’s verdict

You need to go an extra mile, if you really need a feedback for your mobile app. Do not count on friends and family to tell your pitfalls (Trust me they are not the best critique!) Take your app to the users and find out what they seek in an ideal app. If you have designed a gaming app then go to college and schools and ask students to use it. Users can prove to be the best critique and they won’t feel bad in telling you what they did not like. Further, they can give you fruitful suggestions for improvising your app. They can share their personal experiences and this will enhance the credibility of your app.

How can we help you?

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