Live Video Streaming Technology

Behind every YouTube videos we play online and every video chat we do on online video chatting platforms or live broadcasting of a cricket or football match or any such events, there is Video Streaming technology. Its this technology that made superior level of online entertainment possible as and when searched by user.

The streaming technology is continuously evolving and has witnessed some great changes over the time. Years ago, a TV episode is also referred as Video Streaming provided they were not digital nor interactive as digital videos. But now, even popular TV serials streams online. There has been a lot of progress in the streaming technology journey by this time, fast buffer, speedy Internet connections, lesser pop-ups in between, language translators, plug-ins etc which makes watching online videos fun while travelling or at home.

The functions which needs to be performed by this technology involves:

  • Media streaming over the IP.
  • Live Videos or on-demand videos
  • Flexibility to play and pause videos as and when needed
  • Option to rewind, record or pause live videos

The video streaming technology makes it possible to play as well as download the media file at the same time which makes it faster to watch videos online without pause. Just couple of seconds are taken initially and then the buffering process becomes invisible to the user.

Advantages of Video Streaming over Conventional Media:

  • More views in a short span of time
  • Copyrights against media piracy
  • Know your viewers
  • Customize the viewing experience of users
  • Easy Generation of Revenues
  • Target your Viewers
  • Get important insights

More views in a short span of time- Streaming videos with good content gets many hits and impressions. One viewer can impact the choice of other viewers by liking or reviewing the video. Social media platforms can make a good video viral in just some minutes. The escape from downloading the big files for watching them bounce many users but with online streaming, the process becomes fast and every interested viewer gets motivated to watch videos instantly.

Copyrights against media piracy- The downloadable media files are very much prone to duplication and piracy. With streaming media, the videos are secured to tampering as they play over internet without being downloaded.

Know your viewers- As a video owner, one can always get the detailed information about your viewers, their demography, number of duration, activity done such as likes or share. These figures are very useful to know if the target audience is been reached or not and to improve the videos as per tastes and preferences of the video-watchers.

Customize the viewing experience of users- There is a smooth video watching experience for users. Suppose a person is looking to learn MS Excel, then the viewers can get a complete sequence of videos for the training. While playing audios also, the songs can be selected and can be placed in a queue to be played one after another online as per the moods and taste of the listener. This enhances the overall experience in terms of entertainment or learning.

Easy Generation of Revenues- The owners can monetize the video content through in-stream or video discovery ads. Along with that the views on the videos also generates revenue after a certain threshold limit.

Target your Viewers- The group for which the video is made can be easily targeted. Whether location based, age group based or interests based, it is easy to capture your target audience and promote your videos in a way that interests them.

Get important insights- With analytics tools and easily availability of data, one can get important insights about the viewers and their mindsets and help to plan the advance strategies to come up with ideas to create new videos and to increase your video views or to know trending videos etc.

The video streaming technology has changed the way people used to stick to their TV’s. Now, they are getting tech savvy and love to watch on-demand movies or their favorite FRIENDS episode rather than buying some CD or downloading it through web. With 4G Internet speed, there will be more users looking for Online Video Streaming Apps to play whatever video they like at a go.