Most Useful Health and Fitness Apps

Every time looking for healthy food when you eat out? But always end up being stuck up between taste and health! But we have an interesting way to remain Fit and Healthy with all the food have .

Massive revolution in Information and Technology sector brought people more close to the concern towards their health , fitness, steps or routine that should be followed before having prescriptions.There are many Health Care App Development Company which are keeping an eye over this domain. Everyone is keeping their thumb over the screen these days and trying to focus on their growth, whether it is economical, emotional or physical!

Great lines by Mark Twain are now in action. He used great words as, “Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” These great words depict the importance of Health, Fitness and good reference to attain good health.

Now people are getting encouraged and taking their steps forward for a healthy life. But no one is keeping a doctor’s appointment in their schedule. So, many health experts and doctors have came up to this idea of having Health and Fitness Apps .

We have top 5 Free Health and Fitness Apps of 2017 for you , which are rated as the best healthy tips giving apps by WHO(World Health Organization).

1. Healthy Out

2. Fooducate

3. Calorie Counter

4. Nudge

5. FitStar

1. Healthy Out

It is rated as the best nutrition app in appstore.

Some of its features are :

-Covers the widest range of diet and nutrition filters in any app

-It Discover thousands of geolocated images along with videos around the globe.

-It make you share your adventures through photos and videos.

-Here you search or browse their database of over 20,000 destinations.

-Here you can explore 25 activities.

2. Fooducate

-food barcodes can be scanned for finding every minute health detail that manufactures tries to hide from you

- you can track your carb rate and control it

-individual dietary plans for vegetarian or non vegetarian

3. Calorie Counter

How can we get assured of what we’re eating, really?

These days, there are so many claims on food labels and ingredients which no one can even pronounce.

Many other food apps rate food products on nutrition, but sleep cycle app went two steps further. Generally, products are rated based on three elements:

- nutrition,

- ingredient concerns and

- degree of processing.

It has combined these three scores into a single overall product score. It gives you the feature which weigh nutrition most heavily, ingredient concerns next and processing relatively lightly. Here all the food items are rated from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst and 1 as the best.

4. Nudge

-connect with the professional health coach

-identify healthy habits with this app

-best app for beginners

-Everyone want to lose some fat or weight these days. This app is best for them. Even sports -player have recommended this app. It acts generally as a game .

-It works on a general idea of comparing the diet and exercise schedule of players with each other.

- The player do not meet with their weight goal, lose the game.

5. FitStar

-your personal trainer

-Supports languages English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish!

This is a great app which deals with your lifestyle basically. Some of its key features are :

-It has Over 300 (and growing) great-tasting, whole-food, plant-based recipes – with new recipes being added every week.

-You can Find and prepare your favorite recipes with ease here.

-You can Synchronize your shopping lists across multiple devices with iCloud.

-For each step, you can see the ingredients just a tap here.

-It has convenient shopping list for the grocery items all you need.

-It gives you Tips on the plant-based lifestyle and more!

Adapt small and preferable healthy habits as a start and find a change in your routine. this mere change in habits and routines can bring your health to edge of paradise in this fast career oriented world.