Want to find something? Just hit the web! Now everything is about Web these days. So, the development of web is to be considered very carefully. Therefore, we came up to the idea of sharing an incredible technology with you, i.e Node.JS, which is advised for web development.

About Node.Js

  • Node.Js was originally written in 2009. Its initial release was only supported to Linux. Later, it was found that, browser was not aware of how much data has been uploaded so, every time a query was sent to the Web server. This process was very time consuming plus it requires a huge amount of memory.
  • Therefore, dahl, the developer and maintenance operator of node found an easier way in 2009, node.js was combined with Google v8 javascript engine.
  • It is a javascript runtime built on chrome’s V8 Javascript engine
  • It uses event driven, non blocking Input output model.

What is Node.Js ?

  • Open source
  • Cross platform
  • Javascript runtime environment
  • Used for developing tools & application at server side
  • Light weight
  • Efficient

Architecture : 

We can describe architecture for Node.Js in three steps.

  1. Single threaded
  2. Event loop
  3. Non blocking I/O

What they provide ?

  • Single threaded feature, avoids context switching .
  • Event loop handles queuing and processing of asynchronous events.
  • Non blocking I/O handles queue which contains events with callbacks.

Applications of Node.Js :

  • Developing I/O intensive web application
  • Video streaming sites are most favorable
  • Single paged applications prefers this for development

Best Feature which makes customers running towards the Node.Js Development Company , is :

  • Package ecosystem which is referred as the largest ecosystem for the libraries
  • It gives the immersible feature of “npm”{ npm is a package manager which installs, publishes and manages the programs written in node }.

Quality features of node.js :

  • Asynchronous
  •  Event Driven
  • Highly scalable
  • Communitive
  • Response time
  • NPM


1. Here the API calls made do not wait and blocks the other calls. It can handle more than one request at a time
2. After completing call of one event, it runs a callback or notifies about some execution parts by using those events.
3. As it uses, Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, it makes the javascript code execution very fast.
4. Because of the  event mechanism Node.js is highly scalable
5. NPM is a special tool that takes care about installation and updation of modules that are reusable from online collection. Also it takes care of version and dependency management of those modules. In comparison with Ruby Gems.
6. This has become very popular and favorable among developers as it provides great features to the world of web developers.

Lets brief it all

Node.Js is open source cross platform which is highly scalable and has very less response time because it is a javascript runtime built on chrome’s V8 JS engine.

It is also having some loop holes which are under phase of maintenance , as it is not well responsive with CPU intensive tasks. Along with this the callback feature is also not upto the mark.


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