USA Travel Ban- Will you welcome it or not?

America has always been using to a very open-minded government. However, this is not the case since the newly announced 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has put a travel ban on Uthe SA which has and has not been welcomed. He has taken over of the fice there has been executive orders of suspending entry from seven Muslim Majority countries which are Iran, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Somalia.

The idea of travel ban has shocked the entire USA where there are immigrants living for years. These people have a life of their own, a circle of friends, a job and a family. The news of travel ban has not been taken well among people most of the population and there have been various protects regarding the same at the John F. Kennedy Airport.

From the time the Trump government has taken over, there has been a massive fall in USA tourism sector at the same time. In fact, in many travel companies, Travel Portal Development apps have very few options for holiday in America. Not only the USA but also worldwide, due to the effect on tourism, many online travel agencies have limited their packages to the USA as visa has become a really difficult problem.

Apart from the travel ban, it has also been a difficult situation for former citizens who have been living in America for years such as a Iranian born lecturer in the University of Pennsylvania for 20 years or the Syrian refugee married to an American.

On the other hand, there are many Trump supporters who agree with every step taken by the new government. People don’t want other people from anywhere in this world to settle in American. As per their opinion, they prefer outsiders just as visitors and are still ok with the drop in the tourism sector in America. There is been an ample number of debates whether or not this travel bans a good idea.

The travel agency business in the USA has a major concern about the perception that the USA has made around the world about foreigners. Apart from the travel agencies, there also been a huge drop in international student program as well.

There have been cases where international students from Muslim countries have also been rejected of their visa and this has resulted in students missing their admission opportunities.
Even the aviation sector has seen a drop in bookings through the span of Trump’s government.

It is estimated that around 7% – 10% drop has been noticed in the transactions of booking flights to Uthe SA. Trump has also shocked the business world especially the IT industry where there are the majority of immigrants living. Regardless of what people think, Trump is moving ahead with his order not matter what difficulties one has to face. Many people are hoping that in the near future the situations would change in America.

It is important that social media brings in the right awareness and knowledge among people. It should have a greater understanding that travel should be open to every human around the world. The travel ban has led to the various downfall for people as well as industries particular in the USA. So, as per your opinion do you think this is a right way to start a new government rule?, Should travel be banned in the USA in the name of security and integrity?