Why Use A Common Portal For Hotel Booking?Last edited on 22/08/2017

Smartphones are exceptionally individual gadgets that individuals depend on to do ordinary errands. A versatile application gives an immediate connect to clients which causes inn staffs to address clients quicker and enhance effectiveness. An application is more individual and viable than a web-based social networking profile or a site that isn’t a steady installation on a cell phone like a hotel application. A hotel booking application has not only helped travelers but majorly helped hotel businesses and OTA (Online Travel Agency).

Even though OTA is not a popular market as yet, however, you just cannot overlook the benefits associated with making bookings with the hotel website. Unlike the old traveling days where the user had to stand in the queue at the travel office and talk to a consultant before traveling. Travel applications have certainly changed the face of its operation.

Updated technology and Travel Portal Development companies together have helped in evolving the hotel industry. These revolution has brought in various advancements in terms of competitive nature among every hotel such as the idea of keyless rooms, in-room services, complimentary meals, customer care services etc.

Here is why using a portal/application or an application in the hotel industry is important: -

  • Quicker information: The idea of helping you save a phone call and waiting on hold is a relief. Through a travel agency software, you can easily access all the information you require without the pain of signing up for an account. Mobile applications for hotels are excellent opportunities that help in building a loyal customer.
  • Ensuring pleasant experience: Through a mobile application, concierge services is a click away. Through the application, you can find add-on features such as maps, currency converter, translator, etc. These applications encourage guests to also share their experience on social networking sites and even rate the hotel.
  • Promoting offers: Through a reliable push-notification system, customers get informed about all the latest offers and promotions. This process makes it much easier for guests to avail as they don’t have to go through a long process of using the discounts.
  • More than booking: A smooth hotel booking process always comes handy when you think of time-saving hotel booking. In-app messaging features or push notification system helps to provide valuable information about the hotel and details about its reservation. 

There is always the other side of a coin which always remains undiscovered. Like we talked about how customers could benefit with the hotel application, here is how hotels can gain a massive advantage. With the changing travel agency technology, the old time-consuming tasks have taken a back which has led to more efficient and much better travel agency business productivity.

Hotels are able to have a better understanding of what customers demand and are able to identify the real-time statistics to analyze the type of customers who book a particular hotel. Similarly, hotel applications can also tell hotel the most demanded season of booking and the types of customer prefer which helps in providing similar services throughout the year for old and potential customers.