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Campaign Management Software Development

Reach your audience by creating highly targeted Campaigns and track Real time responses maximizing ROI for your Business.

Campaign Management Software Development Company

Campaign Management System (CMS) is the software solution to handle the marketing campaign components. This tool is created especially for the marketers keeping in mind their needs and requirements of defining and managing the campaigns.

Such a software helps in delivering right message to the right customer via right channels and extend its use from planning and execution to measuring and control of performance. Campaign management software solutions give a clear picture of where the money and resources should be allocated and in what quantity so as to get the optimum benefits.

There are plethora of targeting options such as Purchase history, demographics, response behavior, loyalty check etc on the basis of which one can track the changes, get deep insights and accordingly plan future actions.

Why does the need arises?

As an organization, company or a startup, you would be searching for ways to:

  • Provide information and awareness among your potential customers,

  • Create and maintain a positive brand image

  • To get and convert the leads

  • To increase customer loyalty and customer retention

  • To find suitable personalized touch points for customer

  • To track consumer behavior etc

For all such marketing related needs, Enuke Software Pvt Ltd is the name you can trust upon as they have designed some of the best software for campaign management. It will help you to maximize revenues by efficient monitoring and real time analysis.

Features of Campaign Management Software:

Query and Analysis- Customers or group of customers are defined on the basis of certain criteria.

Planning capacity- To define the campaigns differently on the parameters of predicted cots and revenues, historical trends etc. It can be as simple as direct mailing campaign and complex if one goes for multi step or multi-channel.

Sample Selection- The user can select the sample, can specify exact data or projected data.

Tracking and analysis- To track the customer segments or test group’s buying pattern or behavioral changes after being exposed to any part of marketing campaign.

Trigger based programs- Personalized messages are automatically triggered after completion of events such as buying any product, taking part in a survey or sending a query to customer service department.

Preplanned sequence of communications- To preplan sequence of communication to be executed after getting a reaction to any response.

Despite a very difficult task, leaders of this technological era pinpoints businesses to calculate ROI for investments in marketing campaigns. With the use of advance technology the expenditures can be justified and revenues can be increased.

Go for Enuke

Enuke Software Pvt Ltd is a leading campaign management software development company with more than 8 years of enriched experience of providing development solutions to its clients. The professional team of developers are the gem of talent and hard work.

The campaign management software provides a unique experience for clients and their users.

Proficient to design Multi stage campaign planning and multi channel communication campaigns, we are ready to look for the best solution based on client’s requirements.

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