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Going by the means of a simplicity and design abilities of toolkit and modules the Codeigniter comes up as a dominating PHP framework. If we are to consider web applications with some leading edge features, then to create such type of applications Codeigniter is one of the efficient and productive PHP Framework. Codeigniter makes web application more proficient and systematic as it enables usual PHP coding thus enabling the code portable compared to other frameworks. Codeigniter is incomparably simple and active when compared to other frameworks.

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Features of Codeigniter

Codeigniter 1.x versions supported PHP 4 and PHP 5 both, for higher versions of PHP, Codeigniter 2.0 is best suitable with following features:

  • Codeigniter 2.0 now provides two different development versions
  • Codeigniter Core: This development will be moved on by support of Ellislab themselves.
  • Codeigniter Reactor: In is the version Codeigniter community contributes to development of Codeigniter core functionality.
  • It is free from complex structures and development.
  • A new functionality in it has been applied without affecting any change in customization at all.
  • It provides ease and flexibility along with easy management in MVC based framework.
  • Active Record Implementation in Codeigniter is simply magnificent and easy to remember.
  • Provides easier configuration and customization of configuration files.

In short, when you want a framework with minimal designing, distinguished performance, crystal clear documentation – a large variety in versions of PHP and numerous configurations are required, in such conditions Codeigniter is the best option as in a dependable framework.

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