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Education Management System

Blend the right technology and revolutionize the education system with exemplary Education Management Software development services.

Education Management System software

Education Management System Software is a solution for pre-schools, Schools, Colleges, universities and other educational institutions to make administration and control process simple and helps in decision making. It gives timely and accurate information related to each and every student, teachers, employees and other staff members.

It provides 24*7 accessibility to the members via their electronic devices to get fully updated about the development of their kids for which an account is created for every user with unique id and password. Lot of time is saved with this technology and efficiency as well as productivity reach high to a great extent.

Why Education Management System Software?

Education Management System Software is a Management Information System (MIS) which helps to manage all data and information pertaining to an educational institution. The information generated can be used to do Research, undertake planning activities, monitoring and for evaluation purposes.

Education Management System Software features:

1. For Parents: Gone are the times when students can hide their report cards from parents, or parents sees it difficult to visit schools to ask about the performance of their child as through this administration management software, parents can get online report cards, can have a live chat with the teachers and moreover they can keep track of their kids attendance and assignments.

2. For Students:

(a) Students can have an online track of all the study materials,

(b) Share and update additional and relevant information to their peers or teachers.

(c) Online access to class schedules

(d) Information of extra curricular activity going to take palce,

(e) Message teachers in case of queries and can

(f) Notify about the leaves online.

3. For Administration:

(a) An online database of students (their name, addresses, parent’s information, contact number, performance, attendance etc.)

(b) An online database of teachers (name, qualification, address, contact number, subjects assigned)

(c) Class schedules, periods can be instantly updated and monitored.

(d) Confidential reviews of the teachers about the students .

(e) Suggestion and advice from teachers, parents, students and other stakeholders for improvement of the Institution.

(f) Keep an online track of the fees and payments received or due.

(g) Maintain the salary account of teachers and employees.

(h) The statistical analysis of data can be done with the help of charts, tables and graphs for various studies.

(i) Motivational Quotes and birthday wishes can be circulated among the students and teachers to make them fell happy, involved and motivated in order to make them feel a part of community.

4. For Alumni: This feature is more important for colleges and high school educational institutions to keep in touch with previous students and for strong networking.

Education Management System Software Scope:

The scope is extensive and provides advantage for schools, Colleges, Higher Educational Institutions, Universities, Libraries, Coaching Centres and can cover everything from assignments and tests to budgeting and internal communication with all staff which can work on all tablets and smartphones for convenient on-the-go use.

Education Management System Software Solutions:

Enuke Software Pvt Ltd has helped many educational institutions and schools to go online by designing the best Education Management System Software for them across the globe.

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