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Event Finder App Development

Design the Best Event Finder Apps and let the people know about Concerts, Art Galleries, Drama, Film Screenings, Adventure Trips and much more scheduled to happen in their destination city.

Event Finder App Development Company

Just a decade ago, inviting people for any event was such a cumbersome task. One has to get the phone numbers or email address to inform them about ongoing events such as for weekend parties, business meetings, professional get-together or events for any social cause. But now, Event finder Apps are there for the rescue and there has been vast opportunities to invest in event discovery apps.

We look for our mobile in this era for every small or big thing either to go for an unknown destination or to satisfy our food craving. They are also searched for apps to look for concerts, laughter shows, drama, film screenings and much more. Lots of things are happening around us and these apps are a source to keep us active never letting us sit idle.

What Event Finder Apps do?

  1. Explore Events- One can get to know about events happening locally or globally.

  2. Buy tickets – For the listed events, the tickets can be purchased by the interested person online without hassle

  3. List own event- Its not only about being a guest, one can also host an event by listing it on the app and can also sell tickets from the platform.

  4. Walking tours- There are many walking tours organized for museums or places of importance or just a small marathon for a cause, the marketing of which can also be catered with such event finder apps.

  5. Find favorites- Subscribers can get to know where their favorite artists are performing and can get alerts once they are performing near them.

  6. Ask Questions- The interactive platform let users communicate with each other where one can share the events they are attending and others can ask visitors about their experiences of the event or the artists.

As it has become evident that such event apps covers an extensive area which are categorized in terms of target market, functionality and technical requirements. The only thing a young and motivated entrepreneur needs to do is to get a talented development team to work on your business idea- and that Enuke Software can help you with!

Technological Requirements of “Going out” Apps

  • Map and Geolocation Service Technology- To find out any event location and the map for reaching that place from the User’s address need the app to use GPS enabled technology.

  • Integration with Social Media- The enhanced marketing of the event can be done by event organizers through posting links of social media platforms. The advantage to users is they can get additional information such as photos or videos of the event related things.

  • Third Party Services- For booking tickets or making payments, services of Paypal, Braintree or other mobile payment software is required.

Our experiences as Event finder App Developers

Enuke Software Pvt Ltd. is a leading technologically advanced Event Finder App Development Company which believe in Innovation. The team of business consultants helps the clients build the event app strategy which is the most complex part forming the crux of the success of any event apps.

The professional team have diverse experience in IT services, product development and provide consulting and advisory services.

If you have any such business idea in mind and want to go for an event finder or event discovery app, then we do have few good suggestions to make. Contact Us and we will revert back to you soon.