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Java Application Development Services

java application development

JAVA has become one of the most powerful language for application development worldwide with its exception handling support for both skilled and new developers with its exceptional memory management and multi-threading feature. Many startup companies are looking for Java Application Development companies in India so that you can outsource Java development services to their clients.

Being platform independent at both source and binary levels JAVA version 7 fixes and improves the shortfalls of JAVA 6. JAVA 7 comes with many amazing features and has always been like a treasure box for JAVA application developers at every stage of its evolution.

The 4 ultimate features of web application development:

JAVA has all four features that every developer says is must for any language to be one perfect choice for web app development. Java application Development is never easy. And JAVA being one perfect example for that as:

  • JAVA is Object Oriented
  • JAVA is Platform independent
  • JAVA is Robust and Secure
  • And at last Simple and familiar like C and C++.

Advantages of JAVA Development

Maintenance of desktop and web apps is easy and flexible.

With the use of J2EE Frameworks lightweight web apps can be build.

JAVA integrates easily with AJAX with extensible plug-in support for existing J2EE applications.

Supports migration and porting of different architectures and existing software solutions to JAVA and J2EE platforms.

Instant migration for your application servers to JAVA/J2EE platform such as apache, web logic and web sphere.

What do we do in JAVA Application Development?

  • Mobile application development for Java supported platforms
  • Custom Java web development
  • Java enterprise application development and application maintenance
  • Software testing services, migration or re-engineering.
  • Application Integration
  • Desktop Interface Portals

What’s coming next for JAVA developers?

With so much new features and support integrated in JAVA 7 , the expectations of JAVA Application development company from JAVA 8 are way too far more than it was from JAVA 7 during JAVA 6 runtime. With Oracle’s complete focus on more secure language this time JAVA 8 release has been delayed and is expected to be released in March of 2014.