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Meetups Application Development

Come out, find new friends, explore new places, enhance your social space, revolutionize your meetups with just one app.

Meetups and Nearby Events Application Development


“We cater you with the perfect technologies, so you can cater your customers with a perfect meetups and nearby events app”

Making friends and meeting new people in this modernization and urbanization is really difficult, and so is finding people that match your interests. That is why, Meetups and Nearby Events mobile apps are a niche.

In this urbanization, when people don’t get to meet new people and make new friends, a meetup and nearby events application is a must have. And, here we come into the picture, as a meetups and nearby events mobile application Development Company, providing you with the best mobile application for get-togethers, meet-ups and nearby events.

Concept of Meet-ups and nearby events apps!

Meetups and nearyby events mobile applications introduce a different kind of social space having a utility, where you get to be actually socially active. Such apps revolutionize the actual social life, maintaining the basic and simple pleasures and activities of life, like a fun trip, or some astronomers’ get-together, or some readers’ event, or just anything.

What May meet-ups and nearby events mobile applications include?

  1. Get-togethers based on talents and interests you have
  2. Get-togethers based on things you can show, knowledge you can share, skills you can teach, things you want to learn, or just about anything
  3. Get-togethers based on your profession and business
  4. Spontaneous gatherings to travel to a certain place
  5. Events happening in the town

What users can do on meet-ups and nearby events apps?

  1. Get connected to random locals nearby for chatting or meeting-up
  2. Find get-togethers and events across the globe, you otherwise wouldn’t even have known existed
  3. Never be out of attention regarding different events,, get-togethers, places t go and see
  4. Buy tickets to the events of your interests
  5. Plan, host, promote and manage get-togethers or events and make them successful
  6. Sell tickets for the events organised by you
  7. Learn about one’s actual social life, instead of virtual, or educational, or professional one
  8. Plan one-on-one meetings or group get-togethers
  9. Get travel assistance to meet-ups and nearby events
  10. Get notified about get-togethers, meet-ups and nearby events matching your interests
  11. Share plans for meet-ups and nearby events on Facebook, Google+, and other social media.

 Why choose Enuke for Meetups and nearby Mobile Application development?

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. holds an expertise in developing all kinds of mobile applications ranging into all the categories. As mobile application developers, we provide you desired technical services to match your needs and requirements.

We have a large team of developers who specialize in developing mobile apps using latest technologies. Checkout our portfolio to see our vast experience.

We hope that you find the above information on meetups and nearby Mobile Application Development Company helpful. To know more, reach us through Enuke’s Contact Us page.