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Online Video Streaming App Development Company

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Online Video Streaming App Development Company; making people around the world get most out of Smart TVs, Game Consoles, Set-Top Boxes, Tablets, Smartphones, or Computers.

Smartphones are literally everywhere. Wherever you look, people have their heads down to a small screen in their hands. They want everything to be available on these small screens, every time and everywhere. And this everything involves entertainment as well, ranging from movies, to music videos, to TV shows, and more and more. Video have been an important media for entertainment and communication purposes with no fail, but, long lost are the days of tuning in live or buying expensive discs to watch some favourite movie or show. Recently, entertainment market is showing a Video Streaming App trend. Various video apps are being developed and launched frequently. Some of the best apps currently live are YouTube, Disney Movies, Google Play Movies, HBO Now, Netflix, etc.

The time is perfect to take advantage of this phenomenon with the development of Video Streaming Apps. With a Video Streaming App, a person can have all he needs to be entertained the moment he wants.

The concept of Video Streaming is basically sending the content in compressed form over the web which is displayed at the viewer terminal in real time. Video Streaming apps eliminate the need to download a file to play. Instead, it sends the media in continuous stream of data which plays as it arrives.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd.  is a professional Online Streaming App Development Company, which can incorporate almost any feature in your Online Streaming App depending on your requirement and interest. Some of the basic features and services that your users can enjoy are:

  • Smooth Video Player with high quality user interface
  • Stream high quality real time videos
  • Record your own audio and video broadcast
  • Broadcast live video through your device
  • Set restrictions for kids, so stag content is not visible to them
  • Stream videos from your computer
  • Access to live news from around the world
  • Access to live sports going on in any part of the world
  • Extract download links of videos that you want to watch offline at some later time. This comes real handy when you are collecting videos for offline entertainment
  • Optimized for Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Cameras, Gaming Consoles, Tablets, Computers, etc.
  • Watch just about anything at any time that suits you

Video Streaming App developed by a professional and experienced Online Video Streaming App Development Company is highly flexible and most powerful for streaming of movies, news, and almost any kind of media.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. has a vast team of experienced and innovative designers and coders who put best of their knowledge and skills into every project, providing the best solutions and services in the industry. To top it all, the services of Enuke Software are too much cost effective.

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