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Online Payment Gateway Development Company

"We ensure most secure online transactions with flexible Payment Gateways that are compatible with all platforms."

Online Payment Gateway Development Company

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is the most experienced Online Payment Gateway Development Company making online transactions and online payments quicker and safer throughout the world.

Payment Gateway is software that facilitates the transmission of transaction information from issuing bank to acquiring bank. Online Payment Gateway is a service that transfers the information between a payment portal (a website or a mobile app) and banks. With the help of this service, credit card and debit card payments are authorized securely with merchant account.

Payment Gateway is basically a third party service which is actually a sequence of computer processes processing, verifying and accepting/declining credit card or debit card transactions through secure and reliable internet connections.

Before building your own Payment Gateway, one need to understand that apart from core functionality of making online payments possible and easier, you need to implement a lot of features under one roof. You must also make it quite clear in your mind what king of Payment Gateway you want to build: Hosted Payment Gateway or Shared Payment Gateway. Hosted Payment Gateways direct customers away from your e-commerce website.  The benefit of Hosted Gateways is that merchants don’t need a Merchant ID since no confidential details are required. Shared Payment Gateways direct a customer to the payment page of the website and not out of it. The benefit of Shared Gateway is that customers don’t get away from e-commerce website making it fast and easy to use.

To build your own Payment Gateway, you must contact an Online Payment Gateway Development Company which is efficient and experienced enough to make a safe, cost effective and flexible system for you.

Should You Have Your Own Payment Gateway?

A reliable and secured Payment Gateway helps you to gain trust of customers which is really because they are going to make payments without even seeing you.

  • Save Payment Gateway Charges – All Third Party Payment Gateways have a sign-up cost and charges associated with every transaction that eats up a good share of your profit. Your own Payment Gateway lets you save those charges and profits.
  • Custom Features – Third Party Payment Gateways have their own limitations. They don’t offer recurring payments or multi-currency transactions. But, you can add as many features as you want, as per your needs and requirements, without any additional charges if you are building your own Payment Gateway.
  • Sell Payment Gateway Services to Other Merchants– You can even sell your Payment Gateway services to other merchants, agents, and companies and can earn additional profits.

Key Components of Payment Gateway Portals

  • Integration to Multiple Payment Processors– Integration with multiple payment processors provides merchants with multiple options to choose from. This also helps you to provide a competitive transaction charges to merchants, as every processor has different interchange charges depending on many factors like merchant’s business, type of transactions, or transaction volume.
  • Compatibility with all Platforms – The Payment Gateway should well with all the payment platforms.
  • Security – Merchants looks for a secured and reliable Payment Gateway that will help them gain customer’s trust and confidence. Fraud detection mechanisms should also be incorporated.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability to New Features– The Payment Gateway should be flexible and capable of adapting to future technologies in the world of online payment.


Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd., major Online Payment Gateway Development Company, holds expertise in developing and building Payment Gateways from last 7 years. We have a vast team of experienced team of thinkers and coders to provide merchants and customers throughout the world with better and safer selling and buying experience.

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