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Microsoft Silverlight 5

Being one of the most powerful tool for creating interactive and user engaging websites and web applications Silverlight 5.0 with amazing new features has been released. Powered by .NET and fully compatible with cross-browsers and OS, Microsoft has brought a new direction in the world of web application framework with this new version 5.0.

Microsoft Silverlight 5.0 offers amazing features for web developers to build dynamic and attractive apps with familiar tools more quickly and efficiently with extensive media support without any hassle. Silverlight s known for its cross browser, cross platform rich internet applications worldwide.

Salient features of Silverlight 5.0

  • Rich 3D API
  • Low Latency Sound Effects
  • Improved XAML parse times
  • Extensive support for RIA (Rich Internet Applications)
  • Improvement in support for out – of – browser and LOB applications.
  • Flexible data binding

Silverlight Application Development Services @ Enuke

  • Cross-platform web application development
  • Silverlight business app development
  • Support for third-party applications
  • Development of amazing UI designs by expert graphic designers
  • Cost economical development
  • Easy and inexpensive licensing
  • Remote debugging of applications