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SMS Gateway Integration

Make your website or mobile app capable of sending text messages instantly, securely and reliably to anywhere in the World.

SMS Gateway Integration Company

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is the most promising SMS Gateway Integration Company which ensure secure and simple SMS Gateway Integration on your website or mobile app, making it capable of delivering text messages instantly, securely and reliably to anywhere in the World.

SMS Gateways enable you to engage and alert people on their mobile phones, meeting many demands of your always on-mobile audience across the globe.

SMS Gateways make connecting, interacting and transacting with the customers on their mobile phones easier for you, no matter where the customers are located. With the help of an SMS Gateway, your website or application can send and receive messages anywhere in the World, thereby spreading the word about your business.

SMS Gateways Applications

SMS Gateways has many applications which can support and favor your business. Some of the applications include:

  • SMS Marketing
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Sending OTPs (One-Time PINs)
  • Sending SMS Alerts

SMS Gateway Features

SMS Gateways comes with many beneficial features that help you reach more people across the globe, strategically engage with them and grow your business.

Send Texts

Send either on, two or thousands of text messages to your customers directly from your website or application, no matter where they are located.

Receive Replies

You can retrieve inbound SMS or even allow the replies to be posted directly to your website or application.

Number Verification

You can easily verify the contact numbers of customers/users being registered on your website or app.

Transaction Notifications

This feature comes handy in transmitting transaction notifications whenever money transfers are wired.

Confirmation Messages

You can automatically send alerts and reminders to your customers about their online purchases and reservations.

Sending OTPs

OTPs are a great way to verify the people. SMS Gateway helps you in verifying genuine people by sending them OTP. You website or app can ask them to enter the OTP sent to their registered number before proceeding further.

Long Text Messages

SMS Gateways enable you to send long text message to your customers. This feature comes handy when you need to include lots of details.

SMS Scheduling

You can easily schedule messages to be sent later or re-occur after a specific time period.

Delivery Status

Ensure the delivery of the texts sent and easily check the delivery status of every message sent.

Why Enuke Software?

Though there are a lot of SMS Gateway providers, only few SMS Gateway Integration Companies provide efficient and reliable SMS Gateway Integration Services, and Enuke Software is one of them.

We make your website or app SMS enable, ensuring secure and reliable SMS Gateway Integration of your trusted SMS Gateway.

We have skilled and experienced team of developers which provide unmatched SMS Gateway Integration Services in India and across the globe, taking your website and applications to the next level and thus making us best SMS Gateway Integration Company.


If you are planning to integrate an SMS Gateway into your website or application so you can reach your customers easily, write to us through “Try Our Services” button on the top or “Contact Us” page and we will surely get back to you.