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Telemedicine App Development Company

We believe in creating easy, and technologically advanced routes to Health care, and thereby providing the World with most efficient Telemedicine Apps.

Telemedicine App Development Company

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd., is a major Telemedicine App Development Company, holding and supporting the idea that there are various technological and advanced routes to Health Care, and thereby developing the best Telemedicine Apps.

The world of Health Care is changing, in the best of the ways. With the advancement in technology, the whole paradigm of Health care is being challenged and revolutionized in many ways. Health Care industry is adapting to use smartphones to provide top medical care and information to all the patients; any time; any place, with the development of advanced Telemedicine Apps. They are proved to be a life saver in critical cases and emergency situations.

Telemedicine Apps are basically a blend of telecommunications and information technology to provide affordable and effective clinical health care at a distance and remote place. Telemedicine Apps are developed keeping distant, remote, and emergency patients in mind, creating a fastest and easiest way to best Health Care from top physicians.

Best Telemedicine Apps permit efficient communications between patients and doctors with fidelity and convenience. The level and quality of care, consultation, and advice achieved through these apps is same as that of seeing a doctor/physician in person. Other than this, the concept of Telemedicine Apps also eliminates the possible transmission of infectious bacteria, diseases or parasites between patients and medical staff.

At Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd., Telemedicine App Development Company, we strive to eliminate time and distance barriers between patients and doctors, improving access to Health Care services around the globe. Telemedicine Apps developed at Enuke Software can be broken into three major modules:

  • Store-and-Forward Services – involves acquiring and transmitting of medical data to a doctor or physician for assessment as per their convenience.
  • Remote Monitoring Services – enables doctors to monitor a patient remotely. Remote monitoring is majorly used for handling chronic diseases or serious conditions like heart diseases, or asthma. This reduces the need for outpatient visits to doctors and also enables remote prescription verification and drug administration, reducing overall costs of Health Care significantly.
  • Real-time Interactive Services – provide real time interactions between patient and doctor, which involve phone conversations, online communication, and even home visits. This is highly beneficial for patients living in far-away remote regions or isolated communities, and also for emergency situations.

Benefits that can be achieved with Development of Telemedicine Apps:

  • Telemedicine Apps have allowed Health Care professionals all around the world to share detailed information and discuss illness issues, diseases and health problems as if they were in the same place at the same time.
  • Doctors can easily look, listen, and diagnose patients and also provide an effective treatment plan.
  • Allow doctors, psychologists and physicians to provide focused Health Care, without the patient having to leave home.
  • Patient access to high quality health providers increases, allowing a flexible time schedule, saving a lot of time and money.
  • Recent surge of telemedicine is making medical consultation much easier to obtain.
  • Makes long waiting queues at doctor’s office, or emergency rooms completely avoidable.
  • Easy and cost effective access to best doctors, physicians, psychologists, or just about any health care provider.
  • Allow patients to video visit their doctors on their smartphone or system at any time, any day.
  • Allow sharing of photos and test results to get immediate answers, treatments, and referrals.
  • Get helpful and personalized answers, tips, or recommendations from best doctors.

Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. is making patients across the globe receive high quality medical care and consultation around the globe, no matter where you are. Even doctors are getting in on the trend.

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