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Windows Communication  Foundation

WCF is a application development framework that deals with the services for creating service oriented applications that involves the use of .NET framework. With the help of WCF developers can build secure and reliable distributed application development to help leverage your business processes. Concepts of WCF can be run on any browser you like thus enables cross-platform and cross-browser application communication conveniently and also makes multiple clients access to the same service possible.

The key advantage that WCF holds is that it’s one of the major subsystems in .NET and its development is interoperability .i.e. provides the ability to exchange and use information in a network of several LANs.

Benefits of using WCF

  • WCF provides Interoperability and is highly extensible
  • WCF is cross platform and also enables cross application communication
  • .NET services can be migrated to WCF for additional advantage of the WCF features
  • Allows multiple clients to access the same service

What’s New in Windows Communication Foundation 4.5?

Much efforts has been put into the development of WCF 4.5 -a successful upgrade in application development framework. New version WCF 4.5 comes with numerous new features to give developers no reasons for not choosing WCF for service oriented applications Like:

  • WCF 4.5 also provides compatibility mode with ASP.NET thus allowing developers a full-scale access to the features of ASP.NET- HTTP pipeline for writing WCF services.
  • XML editor now provides tooltips for every configuration element.
  • Added support for true asynchronous streaming promoting scalability.
  • WebSocket support
  • Visual Studio XML provides tooltips to help new WCF developers
  • UDP transport support
  • WCF 4.5 also supports multiple authentication modes and more!