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iOS 7: Rich iPhone Application Development Platform

Ever since its announcement in the World Developers Conference this year, iOS7 has gathered a lot of heat with people...

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How to be your Company’s Next Rising Star?

Any Employee can aim to be the Company’s next rising star by highlighting his potential and by following below mentioned guidelines Take on additional...

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Get to Know the Right IT Outsourcing Partner

The type of outsourcing ally that is worth having does more than just what is agreed to do upon – and the client who puts them on board knows that well and...

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Pass PHP Objects or Any Dimensional Array Variable to Javascript Variable

It is very easy to pass php variable to javascript variable. We can pass variable using following steps:-    <script> // this is used for string...

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Unit Testing in iPhone

Unit testing is low level testing of each class method. It can be done either manually (using debugger) or automatically (using testing framework).  It...

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The Benefits of Outsourcing in India

Outsourcing or the practice of using outside or offshore firms to handle some of your business processes is one of the most popular business abstractions for...

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