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Google Says Everything Is Fair In Tech War

World war 3 is imminent… gosh! Wonder who will survive. With ios8 already unveiled in the market how can android...

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Offshore Development Centre Vs Outsourcing

An Offshore Software Development Centre model is a commercial structure in which the customer pays a fixed fee monthly amount with an agreement to deliver...

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Is Swift The Option Left For The iOS Developers?

It’s been a couple of weeks that Apple unveiled a new programming language called Swift at World-Wide Developers Conference. Of course, when we are talking...

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Amazon Fire and Mobile App Development

Amazon finally unveiled the highly-anticipated Fire phone this Wednesday. The phone is power packed with features like four front-facing 3D cameras which helps...

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Approaching ASP.NET Web Development Company

How can a person living on mountains know how to fish? What if that man needs to visit to the coastal area and needs to do fishing? What will he do in...

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How Small Businesses Sell Their Services?

Business is all about multiplication. It aims at multiplying your profit, customers, production scale and your brand value. All these factors can be multiplied...

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Developers Responding To Wearable Computing

“As Google entered the market of smart accessories with Google Glass, the wearable-computer market is expected to swell up to $6 billion by 2016.”...

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How Mobile Apps are Better than Websites?

What is the best available way for your business to go mobile? According to some recent mobile survey reports, a total of 17.4 percentage of the overall global...

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Why is Mobile App Development Cost Changing

You already have a mobile app, which is a hit in the market. Now you want to invest in some other apps. Another great idea, another great app! You contacted...

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Nvidia Unleashes its New Beast: Shield

Let’s cut straight to the chase: Nvidia Shield is a superb, state-of-the-art handheld product – the most powerful Android hardware on the market...

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