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Top 5 PHP frameworks in the Industry

PHP Frameworks have become a part of modern PHP programming. If you are finding trouble in choosing a PHP framework...


Tactics to Increase Mobile App Downloads

If you know how to market your creation then you can surely rule, but if you are still staggering in the path of marketing, then you need to hear this story....

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Healthcare, Mobile

Architect Successful Healthcare Mobile App

I always used to ask to God where superman was when my granny needed him. If superman existed for real, my granny would have reached to the hospital on time....

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Android, Development, Mobile

How to Turn Your Idea Into an App

Do you have an amazing idea for an app, and know it could be the “next big thing”? If your stuck in the idea phase and wondering how to develop an app,...

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Android, Mobile

Develop Apps for Google Glass – Mirror API

In the past few years Android has become the technology (operating system) next door. It has captured the market, be it smartphones, phablets, tablets or the...

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