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Angular JS development companies

Top Angular JS Development Companies in 2019

Which Angular JS development company to choose for your website and app development project – A Comprehensive Guide

Angular JS has become a popular choice for website and app development projects today. Its versatility and ease of use make it an effective coding tool that gets the job done in the right way. In fact, many companies have benefitted by implementing this technology in recent years and the Angular JS development companies are growing in demand. As a matter of fact, Angular JS has a market share of about 5.9% in the software framework category. This suggests that Angular JS is slowly taking lead among sites of all sizes.

What are the top Angular JS Development Companies to look out for in 2019?

Enuke Software

Enuke Software

Holding the top slot in our list is the Enuke Software Pvt. Ltd. Enuke is the early adopter and now the veteran of the latest, and most popular front-end technology – Angular JS. An ISO Certified Angular JS development company, Enuke made a grand entrance into the IT sector in 2008. Since then it has successfully endowed business solutions to over and different enterprises worldwide.

As a matter of fact, Enuke is one of the few AngularJS development companies that build single page enterprise applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability. They extend the dynamic capabilities of HTML by exploring the paradigm of third-party integration, modular design, and extensibility of AngularJS. Furthermore, they have more than 200 in-house developers working in the same office holding an average experience of 3.5+ years. Here are some benefits you get by choosing this Angular JS development company for your project.

Why should you choose Enuke?

  1. They have a dedicated development team with vast experience with AngularJS, HTML, CSS, and writing cross-browser compatible code.
  2. In fact, it is one of the few companies that build single page enterprise applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability, saving lots of time and effort.
  3. Great understanding of AJAX and JavaScript Dom manipulation Techniques.
  4. The experts at this Angular JS Development Company follow Agile Development Method.
  5. They have good experience with Restful API from Angular JS.
  6. They provide 24/7 support to their clients.
  7. You get to track daily progress reports of your work.
  8. They work with their customers according to their time zones.

Their Angular JS offerings

  • Single Page Applications (SPA)

The leading Angular JS Development Company develops extraordinary single-page applications using advanced routing in AngularJS, creating a fulfilling experience for the users.

  • AngularJS Web and Mobile App Development

The eminent Angular JS Development Company offers sustainable, potent, and next-gen websites and mobile apps using AngularJS technology; with streamlined implementation and testing.

  • AngularJS UI/UX Development

Their vast expertise in Angular JS development domain facilitates them to design great UI/UX interfaces using the designs provided by AngularJS itself.

  • AngularJS e-Commerce and shopping carts Development

Additionally, the prominent Angular JS Development Company offers the best e-commerce and shopping cart solutions to customers to enhance their customer communication, boost sales and conversion rates. However, e-commerce is not the only area where they excel. The company provides business solutions in other verticals too like travel, healthcare, manufacturing, and so on.

  • AngularJS Customizations

They provide customized web and mobile app solutions as per the business needs of the customers to improve the feasibility.

  • AngularJS Support and Maintenance

A sign of a good Angular JS Development Company is the support it provides to its clients and Enuke definitely wins at that front. The Company provides 24/7 support to its customers in keeping their applications updated with reference to the latest trends in AngularJS. Also, the maintenance service is provided in terms of updating the domain versions etc.

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions

Firmly holding the second slot in our list is Konstant Infosolutions. Konstant Infosolutions is a premier Angular JS Development Company, offering a wide range of web and mobile solutions. With a team of more than 170 highly qualified and experienced IT professionals, the company provides reliable web and mobile solutions. Further, the company provides highly powerful, scalable, and valuable products with their advanced app testing methods for achieving the best results with AngularJS development. Here are some of the benefits you receive by working with Konstant Angular JS Development Company:

  1. Extensive support from a team of experienced professionals.
  2. Aligned structure
  3. Advanced Infrastructure
  4. 24/7 support
  5. On-time Delivery
  6. Detailed analysis
  7. Agile Development
  8. Aesthetic Designs
  9. Efficient Testing
  10. Swift Deployment
  11. Smooth Handover

Their Angular JS offerings

  1. Custom Web Development
  2. E-Commerce Solutions
  3. UI/UX Design Solutions
  4. Database Programming
  5. Native Mobile Apps Development
  6. CMS Development
  7. Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
  8. Enterprise Mobility Solutions and IT Consulting

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains

Thirdly, we have Hidden Brains Angular JS Development Company following the second spot. Founded in 2003, Hidden Brains has worked vigorously over the years and delivered many projects across multiple industries. In fact, adhering to quality and strict timelines, the company is known for providing memorable customer experience through its feature-rich, custom websites. In addition, it has a team of professionals, certified in PHP and other programming languages. Here some benefits you receive by hiring experts from Hidden Brains Angular JS Development Company.

  1. Firstly, the team of experienced front-end developers helps create a user-friendly interface using their expertise.
  2. Secondly, they deliver unique solutions based on clients’ needs.
  3. Thirdly, they develop dast and fully responsive applications Applications.
  4. Fourthly, the premier Angular JS Development Company provides AngularJS design, strategy, development, support, integrations, upgrade, maintenance, and more.
  5. Lastly, it builds single page enterprise applications with model–view–controller (MVC) capability.

Hidden Brains’ Angular JS Offerings

  • Dynamic Web Application Development
  • Enterprise App Interface and Development
  • AngularJS App Upgrade and Maintenance
  • User Interactive Module Development
  • Application Migration Services
  • Custom AngularJS Development
  • Custom Widgets Development

Sunflower Lab

Sunflower Lab

Sunflower Lab is one of the leading Angular JS Development Companies whose Angular JS solutions are designed to take your business to the next level. Furthermore, empowered by years of experience in the field of IT, Sunflower Lab has some amazing Angular JS solutions to help you with your web and application development needs. Here are some benefits you receive when you choose this Angular JS Development Company:

  1. They have a talented pool of 40+ resources at Sunflower Lab.
  2. Also, the developers assist you with branding, designing, and building apps using Angular JS.
  3. Sunflower Lab also provides help with support & maintenance of the app.
  4. They provide Scalable and enterprise-level application architecture.
  5. The coveted Angular JS Development Company follows Agile Development Method

Sunflower Lab’s Angular JS Offering

  1. Mobile app development
  2. Web app development
  3. Custom software development
  4. AR/VR app development
  5. Alexa Echo app development
  6. Strategic IT consulting.

Synapse India

Synapse India

SynapseIndia is an Indian Angular JS Development Company that has been operating in the IT industry for the last 15 years. Although the company has expertise in a wide array of technologies, AngularJs is one of its core competencies. In addition, the company offers a wide range of services, from plugin development to eCommerce development to data analytics tools,

Here are some benefits you receive by choosing Synapse India:

  1. Customized web application development which helps the clients build their web presence.
  2. Great Experience in the industry.
  3. Also, at this Angular JS Development Company, you get everything under one roof. For instance, Angular JS Development, customization, migration, upgrade, maintenance, and support.
  4. You get the Flawless code with MVC components.
  5. Dynamic and internet rich applications with superior performance.
  6. Cost-effective Development.

Angular JS Offerings

  • E-commerce shopping cart development
  • Social Networking Platforms
  • Plugin Development and Theme Development
  • Data Analysis Tools and Interactive Dashboards
  • Enterprise Development and HTML5 App solutions
  • Development of Music, location and Video Streaming Apps



Matellio has been ranked among top AngularJS development companies. There are some pretty good reasons why we have included the company in the top slot on our list. Firstly, the eminent company has an impressive portfolio delivering projects across various domains. In other words, it is a one-stop-shop for your entire web, mobile, embedded solutions, team augmentation, and GIS data services. Secondly and most importantly, the company has a team of over 150 engineers who have perfected the Angular JS technology which enables them to create high-quality, scalable web and mobile solutions.

Here are some benefits you receive by choosing this Angular JS Development Company:

  1. The developers understand the full stack of JavaScript technologies. Therefore, they can build unmatched AngularJS mobile apps for small, medium, and large-scale business enterprises.
  2. They also provide a strong analysis of their clients’ needs and give the best suggestions.
  3. 24/7 customer support
  4. The eminent Angular JS Development Company provides end-to-end app solutions while following all the standards for safety and privacy protection.

Metallio’s Offerings

  • Web application development
  • Mobile apps development
  • Enterprise application management
  • GIS applications
  • Embedded solutions
  • Social media marketing



Mobiloitte is one of the most sought-after Angular JS Development Companies. With their years of experience, they have learned the Angular JS technology to the core. As a result, it enables them to implement the technology in their client’s project with utmost perfection. Some Amazing benefits of working with Mobiloitte include:

  1. Handpicked and highly experienced team.
  2. Honesty and 100% Transparency
  3. No Outsourcing. The reputed Angular JS Development Company has all the experts working in-house, therefore, you get only the best talents to work on your project.
  4. It also excels in doing excellent UX architecture.
  5. Excellent coding standards with Angular JS testing scenarios

Mobiloitte’s Angular JS Offerings

  1. Cross-platform development
  2. Web app development
  3. Mobile app development
  4. UI/UX design
  5. Open-source development
  6. Consumer app development



This Angular JS Development Company is known for its expert-level custom solutions. Therefore, at NineHertz you get flexible engagement models and you get to choose from various options available for hiring Angular JS Developers. Moreover, you can hire dedicated developers, part-time developers, or on an hourly basis – based on your needs and budget. With over 200 certified, senior-level professionals to work on your project, you get nothing but the best!

Here is the summary of the benefits you receive by choosing Nine Hertz for your next project:

  1. The developers at this Angular JS Development Company use their core knowledge of development and coding skills to develop customized web apps for their clients.
  2. They also provide end-to-end AngularJS web application services to the clients.
  3. In addition, they implement a blend of advance Angular JS and Agile Methodology.

NineHertz’s Angular JS Offerings

  1. They design and develop customized Angular JS websites.
  2. Further, the experts at this reputed Angular JS Development Company develop impressive websites that deliver unique functionalities with high performance.
  3. They build seamless, feature-rich, and user-friendly e-commerce sites.
  4. Nine Hertz also creates effective plugins and enhance the scalability of your Angular web app.
  5. They design and develop user-friendly UI/UX.
  6. Angular JS Enterprise Development.



The Company provides the best solutions based on Angular JS Framework. As a matter of fact, Metizsoft is an ISO Certified Angular JS development company. With a team of around 100 highly qualified developers who are specialists in Website Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Software Development, the company boasts of some highly successful projects to their credit.

Here are the benefits you receive by choosing this Angular JS Development Company:

  1. End to end solutions which are custom made for clients’ specific requirements.
  2. They also develop scalable and robust and cost-effective apps according to your requirements.
  3. The Angular JS Development Company has an experienced, dedicated and tech-savvy team of more than 100 professionals, which means your project will be in the safe hands.JS framework

Their Service Offerings

  1. iOS App Development
  2. Web App Development
  3. Android App Development
  4. UX Design
  5. Quality Assurance & Testing
  6. E-commerce Development
  7. IoT Development
  8. CMS development etc.

Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory

MindInventory is a renowned Angular JS Development Company in India which has a pool of talented and robust AngularJS developers. They also have good experience in mobile and web technologies which enables them to provide the best Angular JS Development services.

Here are the benefits you get by choosing this Angular JS Development Company:

  1. You get highly scalable, customized single-page applications.
  2. In addition, Mind Inventory provides a dedicated resource on demand that has in-depth knowledge of the AngularJS framework.
  3. You get a fast, flexible, and cost-effective solution.
  4. Your project will be delivered to you right on time. Sometimes, even before that.
  5. Additionally, this Angular JS Development Company allows you to track daily progress reports of your work.
  6. They work with their customers according to their time zones.

MindInventory’s Angular JS Offerings

  1. AngularJS Web App Development
  2. Single Page Applications using AngularJS
  3. AngularJS Mobile App Development using Ionic
  4. AngularJS Version Migration
  5. QA and Testing
  6. AngularJS Framework Plugin Development

iMOBDEV Technologies

A big name in the IT field, this prominent Angular JS Development Company was founded in 2009. IMOBDEV Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm and also a GESIA member. With a team of 120 expert developers, the firm offers the best IT solution services such as iPhone mobile app development, iPad app development, Android app development, Cross-platform app development, and Blackberry app development. In a short span of 9 years, this Angular JS Development Company has delivered 500+ successful projects. Here are some benefits you receive by choosing this company:

– iMobdev has a team of highly experienced developers.
– It also has fluency in trending webs technologies and multiple app development.

– Value-added services that guarantee great outcomes.

– Interactive behavior and transparent business policy.
– It also provides customized solutions based on your unique needs
– It offers 24 hours of technical support
– Work transparency and seamless communication

Their offerings

  1. UX/UI Designs
  2. Research and competitor analysis
  3. Feature Rich Web App Development
  4. Testing and Implementation
  5. Web Software development
  6. Mobile App development
  7. Website Maintenance and support

With so many amazing options to choose from, it’s natural to get confused. So, to help you make an informed decision, we have compiled some amazing tips that you can use to choose the right Angular JS Development Company for you. Let’s take a look.

What are the tips to choose the right Angular JS development company for your next project?

30-40% of a business’s success depends on the technology used by it. Great technology is surely very useful but choosing the right technical team is equally important. Therefore, look for a partner who can advise you, work with you, and not just write the code.
The wrong choice can cost you lots of money and time in the long run. So, make sure you choose only the best Angular JS Development Company that promises to take you to your project’s success.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

Identify the services you need and your budget

Once you have identified the services you need and figured out your budget, it will help you understand better and choose a good Angular JS Development Company according to the technology stack and rates.

Tread with caution if the offer seems too good to be true

The Angular JS Development Company you choose for your project can make or break your chances of success. When it comes to Angular JS developers, cheap does not always represent the best value for money. According to a report from Accenture, quality of service and communication are more important than price for customers today. When choosing your Angular JS Development Company also, you should not always fall for the cheapest.
Here are a few reasons, why:

  1. Cheap services often come with poor quality. Poor quality may cause you to incur extra costs for returns and replacements. Therefore, you risk losing business or even worse damage your business’s reputation.
  2. Poorly written code, lack of tests, lack of documentation affects the quality of your project. But, a good Angular JS Development Company will ensure the quality remains superior from start to finish.
  3. Often, when you get services at too good to be true prices, you don’t own the source code. You just get bundled code or license the product, despite you paying for the development.
  4. If you focus on spending less money initially, you will end up paying a lot more money in the future

To get great results, you don’t want to buy the cheapest service, but the most cost-effective services. Therefore, if you are focused on managing your finances, a competitively priced Angular JS Development Company is an attractive option.

Take into consideration the experience and added value of the company you choose

When choosing an Angular JS Development Company, there are many factors that may influence your choice, like – technology stack, geography, previous experience, rates, recommendations, etc. One thing you should always keep in mind that the number of released projects is not a reliable parameter to gauge a company’s reputation. The right choice would be a team of experienced professionals who are willing to understand your needs and willing to contribute in order to deliver only the ‘best’ to you.

Always choose a company that focuses on constantly improving

When choosing an Angular JS Development Company, it’s very important to choose a company that strives to constantly update itself on the technology and puts an emphasis on the development of its employees. As with any other technology, Angular JS technology is constantly updating. So, any Angular JS Development Company that fails to enhance its knowledge will not be able to provide the best Angular JS solutions to its clients.
For example, let’s take an example of SCRUM/Agile Development Process. 80% of IT companies today, work in SCRUM or Agile Development Process. If your Angular JS Development Company doesn’t follow it, then you should definitely look for another option.

The company you choose should be accessible and provide you support

Your Angular JS Development Company should be accessible. Therefore they must provide you 24/7 support. The team you choose to work with should understand you and should be fully involved in the development process.

Choose an Honest Company

Is your Angular JS Developer always saying yes? You should be cautious of such developers. When choosing an Angular JS Developer Company for your business, it is always good to have a straightforward partner who is able to say ‘No’ if needed. Honest suggestions like – “No, you shouldn’t work on this feature, it’s a waste of time and money.” “No, we think you should consider different tools.”
Honest Angular JS Developer companies are always the ones that set realistic goals for you and fulfill their promises in the long run.

Ask about their recent projects

Asking about their recent projects will give you an opportunity to know about the kind of work they do and gauge their passion for the job. You will also get an idea of how dedicated they are likely to be. Also ask the Angular JS Development Company you are planning to work with about their current projects and how much time will they be able to dedicate to your project. After all, you want only the best from your team and be treated like a valuable customer.

The Company you choose should be an expert in the technology in which they work

If you want only the best out of your project, you would want to have a focused software development partner. So, the Angular JS Development Company you choose should have good experience in Angular JS development. It’s better if you choose experts of Angular JS.

Choose a company that understands your business

While code and technology are important, it’s the understanding of the business that matters a lot. Therefore, your Angular JS Development Company should understand your business, advise you from a technical perspective, help you focus on priorities, and connect with you as partners in their network.

Be clear about your expectations

Always have a good discussion with the company you are planning to work with. Also, tell them in advance what you expect to see at the end. Don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions. A good Angular JS Development Company will always discuss your project first and chalk out customized solutions as per your needs and expectations. Make your expectations clear before starting the project development in order to avoid disappointment in the future. Also, ask them about their insight on your product. If they are good and experienced in their field, they will also give you quality technical advice.

Determine your compatibility

When you hire an Angular JS Development Company, you are hiring a technology partner. If you are happy with their service, they are likely to be your partner for years to come. So, always do your research on who you are hiring for this long-term relationship. While their experience, quality of their work is surely a consideration, it is equally important to finding out whether they value their clients, how they work and how serious are they about delivering the best services to their clients. In fact, credibility and trust are important traits to look for in an Angular JS Development Company to ensure you have a great work relationship.

Why is Angular JS so popular?

Designed by Google, AngularJS is an open-source, structural framework for dynamic web apps that addresses many challenges of web development processes. Therefore, Angular JS development companies use Angular JS to build apps, with amazing features like:

  1. Two-way binding
  2. RESTful API handling
  3. templating
  4. modularization
  5. dependency injection
  6. AJAX handling etc

Angular JS has become immensely popular in a short span of time due to the following benefits it offers:

Enhanced Security:
A major reason why enterprises refrain from adopting new technology is the application’s security. Because even a minor loophole in an app’s security can put the company’s crucial data at great risk. However, with the help of an Angular JS development company, this fear can be greatly eliminated. RESTful API is used by Angular JS as HTTPS interface to communicate with servers for data. With adequate security measures and following standards, the web application and clients’ crucial data can be guarded against malware and unauthorized access.

Less time required to develop apps
Developing complex, responsive web apps takes time, but with Angular JS, Angular JS development companies are able to develop complex apps in less time and effort. Here’s how Angular JS makes it possible:

  1. Many operations that occur in jQuery are performed by ng-class and ng-model directives.
  2. Just in few lines of code, two-way data binding and data saving onto server can be performed.

Seamless Access Management
In an enterprise, not every employee has equal access to crucial company data. This is because there are certain levels of restrictions put on data access. Angular JS development companies enable limited access to the crucial data using Angular JS and seamlessly manage the data by implementing single sign-on (SSO) through supplemental libraries.

Efficient Testing
Testing the web performance, during and after web development is very important. Identifying any error and addressing the same is crucial to website’s seamless performance. Angular.JS makes it possible for every component to be tested in isolation. Simply put, Angular JS development companies can save a lot of time and efforts using this technology.

Easy Maintenance
Apart from development, its website maintenance that demands a lot of time and efforts. Using MVC approach Angular JS enables developers to think in terms of object oriented design that is easy to remember. This makes web maintenance a breeze for Angular JS development companies.
Only the best Frontend developers make use of Angular JS for building amazing websites and mobile apps. That said, we introduce you to the top Angular JS development Companies that can help your company get scalable, feature-packed and splendid web and mobile application solutions using Angular JS technology.

In Conclusion:

Today, large numbers of entrepreneurs from various sectors are leveraging the power of AngularJS for their complex business needs. This rise in demand has led to substantial increase in the number of AngularJS development companies. Although entrepreneurs have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing an Angular JS Development Company, not all companies offer the best. Using this comprehensive guide you can hire the perfect company according to your needs and budget, without wasting your valuable time sifting through reviews and recommendations.

Last modified: 29 Jun 2020