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Angular vs React vs Vue

Angular vs React vs Vue: Which is the best JavaScript framework for your business?

Pretty much a year back, developers were bantering on whether they ought to utilize AngularJS vs ReactJS for their activities. Be that as it may, through the span of 2018, we saw the development of enthusiasm for a third player called Vue.js. And, this brought us to look at the differences between Angular vs React vs Vue.

If you are a developer beginning on an undertaking and can’t settle on which JavaScript structure to utilize, this guide should assist you with settling on a choice. If you have arrived on this page, I expect that you are confounded between the various structures and libraries of JavaScript programming language. This blog intends to compare Angular vs React vs Vue.

Towards the finish of the blog, you will have the option to choose which among Angular vs React vs Vue is the most appropriate programming tool for your task. So how about we jump into the correlation of these three JavaScript systems.

Angular vs React vs Vue

What is the background?


Introduced in 2010 by Google, It is a typescript based JavaScript structure. It was discharged before the other two JavaScript systems that we are talking about in this blog. Today, it is called Angular however before 2016, there was a postfix ‘JS’ to its name. JS was dropped from its name after the arrival of Angular 2+. Subsequently, on 28 May 2019, its most recent variant, Angular 8.0.0 was discharged. Google and Wix are among the most well-known organizations utilizing Angular.


Discharged in 2013 by Facebook, it is for the most part utilized in high rush hour gridlock sites. It came into existence when Facebook promotions began picking up traffic and confronting issues in their coding and support which portrayed certain issues. Its most recent rendition, 16.8.6 was discharged on 6 May 2019. They were settled with the arrival of this library of Javascript. As a matter of fact, Whatsapp, Instagram Paypal, Glassdoor, BBC are a portion of the prevalent organizations utilizing React. It is profoundly powerful and offers incredible help in making intelligent UIs.


It is a dynamic JavaScript structure that came in 2014 and created by no huge name like React and Angular. As a matter of fact, an ex-specialist of Google, Evan You, made it. It is increasing steadily prominence. Its most recent rendition; Version 2.6.10 was discharged on 20 March 2019. Further, it is the most youthful individual from the group of JavaScript structures. It also has expelled the downsides of different structures to offer the simplicity of the next level to programming developers. Sites like GitLab and Alibaba are utilizing Vue.

Like Angular, Vue.js is a finished system, yet with fewer highlights and bundles. Because of broad documentation on Vue.js and the straightforwardness of its grammar, software developers of all experience levels, even those with a learner level of JavaScript and HTML information, should discover this structure a clear choice.

Which framework is more popular?

React is increasingly prominent as indicated by various surveys and of course as per the Google trends. UI systems and libraries of Javascript programming language work in a cycle. After at regular intervals, they change positions and another one springs up. React and Angular have been well-known systems from a couple of past years. 

Even though React is generally adored and downloaded structure in 2019, it doesn’t imply that it is the best. Numerous different elements will choose which structure is the most proper one for a specific kind of development venture.

What are the performance benchmarks?

Performance benchmarks with moderate burden times or slacking execution is a significant business hazard. Make a client hang tight a couple of moments for a page to completely render and there’s a decent possibility they’ve just proceeded onward to your rival’s site. Angular is slower at a startup than React.js and Vue.js. Even though Angular is regularly a quick structure, it likewise has a huge pack size. This causes Angular to have quicker execution than React.js or Vue.js when utilized with enormous applications. React.js and Vue.js sparkle on littler applications.

Angular: This system of Javascript utilizes genuine DOM. It is also very difficult to deal with in such a case that you lose the stream, you should dive deep into the codes to discover the issue. The time has come for devouring, and unsafe to draw in a lot of bugs. The genuine DOM use by Angular influences its presentation and capacity to make dynamic programming applications. Moreover, it brings about the moderate execution of this Javascript structure.

React: This Javascript library is utilizing virtual DOM. It isn’t programmed explicit and lightweight. It exists in the react bundle to free and wipes out the issues of moderate execution of genuine DOM. This permitted a critical development in the exhibition of javascript systems/libraries and made React completely well known.

Vue: Vue has taken all the great qualities of systems propelled before it. With a similar idea, Vue is utilizing Virtual DOM as a received idea of React. This guarantees quicker and without bug execution.

Outline: DOM which can be comprehended as UI, which is the UI of your application. The DOM changes at whatever point you update the UI. This speaks to the progressions in the application. It functions in two different ways, either as virtual DOM or a genuine DOM. They exceptionally influence the presentation of the system/library.

How is the community support?

Angular: The prestigious market-pioneer, Google presented Angular. Also, the association utilizes this JavaScript structure for its Google Adwords applications. This adds to the credibility of Angular which gives it solid network support since its dispatch.

React: Facebook created React to help its advertisement crusade upkeep and coding. A group of architects at Facebook are as yet chipping away at its advancement. Facebook has coded its few items to React and put resources into it vigorously. This is the purpose of the consistent developing unwavering quality of React in the developers’ reality.

Vue: Dissimilar to Angular versus React, no top-level corporate supports Vue. This ought to have brought about lesser prevalence however truly, this JavaScript structure increased astonishing notoriety in the open-source network.

What is the Framework size?

  • Angular (approximately 500 KB size)
  • React (approximately 100 KB size)
  • Vue (approximately 80 Kb size)

Angular:  Angular has a great deal to offer to its developers from layouts to testing utilities. This needs space which makes its size huge. This makes it unacceptable for light-weight applications.

React: It is appropriate for light-weight applications as it doesn’t give a lot of like Angular. In fact, React isn’t a system like Angular. This is the reason it needs support from different libraries for errands like routing.

Vue: It is the littlest of different structures and libraries that we are talking about in this blog. Consequently, it is reasonable for the advancement of lightweight applications. If you require a library that is littler than Vue, at that point you should pick react.

What is the learning curve?

Developers generally favor React to utilize and learn, trailed by Vue and afterward Angular. The capacity of the clients to compose codes in a specific programming language is its expectation to absorb information. With regards to Angular versus react versus Vue then Angular takes a backfoot in contrast with the other two.

This is because the Vue and React don’t require enlisting web developers who are capable of typescript. Yet, among these two, Vue has a high ground as it is viewed as progressively neighborly by the developers.

Vue.js is the most direct system to learn for most web developers. It’s the nearest to HTML and JavaScript fundamentals, so it will feel recognizable.

How flexible is each framework?

Angular– It offers everything from steering to layouts. You don’t need to move to some other tool to build up your applications. This can be fortunate or unfortunate as per your point of view. It has conclusions on the best way to structure an application. You don’t get to or you don’t have to choose directing libraries. You can simply begin with the coding procedure with everything gave in the Angular bundle.

React– In contrast to Angular, it doesn’t give a ton in the authority React library. This gives you your preferred freedom to pick programming instruments. At the end of the day, it isn’t a lot of obstinate like Angular. The outsider arrangements like react steering can be incorporated with this JavaScript structure. If you procure best programming developers who have immense experience, at that point they will appreciate this adaptability a great deal. Besides, you will get an astonishing and dynamic application created for your business.

Vue– The Vue system is as stripped down as the react structure. In any case, the Vue biological system on its official site has a great deal to offer to its developers. It additionally has a vue server-side render to start the server-side advancement of an application. Thus, it isn’t as a lot of obstinate as Angular however not as adaptable as react.

Angular vs React vs Vue: Who wins?

Towards the end of this post, let us review the trademark highlights of every structure to attempt to react to the inquiry: Angular versus React versus Vue: which one would it be a good idea for you to pick?

Angular is the most full-grown of the systems, has great support as far as donors and is a finished bundle.

React is sufficiently old to be full grown and has countless commitments from the network. It is increasing far-reaching acknowledgment.

React resembles a decent decision for somebody beginning with front-end JavaScript structures, new businesses, and developers who like some adaptability. The capacity to coordinate with different structures flawlessly gives it an extraordinary bit of leeway for the individuals who might want some adaptability in their code.

Vue is new to the field, without the sponsorship of a significant organization. Be that as it may, it has done truly well over the most recent couple of years to turn out as a solid contender for Angular and React. Vue ought to be your decision if you incline toward straightforwardness, yet also like adaptability.

The response to the discussion of Angular versus React versus Vue is that there’s no outright right decision, which you’ve most likely anticipated. Every one of these libraries has its advantages and disadvantages.

Last modified: 26 Jun 2020