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Yamini Author

I am gospeller of technology and I use this interest to spread knowledge over internet. I like analysing market trends and architecting marketing strategies , and that’s why I have chosen to work as an analyst at Enuke Software. During my free time I like to capture beautiful moments in my camera and read.

8 Big Mistakes Which Ban You on App Store

“When in Rome, do as Romans do” and “when in iOS development do as Apple does” Apple is certainly a...

Mobile Screen Size Influencing Preferences

‘Big beast’ or ‘unwieldy’ to be used daily were the reviews of Note received back then in 2011, but now every smartphone manufacturer...

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Eloquent ORM in Laravel: What and Why!

Laravel Eloquent ORM or Object Relational Mapper is not just impressive, but expressive as well. If you are PHP programmer and have strong grip in working with...

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7 Utility Apps That You Don’t Want To Miss

With the number of mobile app users bumping to 4.4 billion, Mobile app developers are sweating every inch of their neurons to architect mobile apps with best...

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