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best 6 GDS software

Best 6 GDS Software for Travel Booking Engine

An essential part of the success of a travel booking engine is a Global Distribution System (GDS). Essentially, GDS is a computerized reservation network that facilitates travel agents, end-users, or corporations to access and make reservations for flight tickets, rental cars, hotel rooms, tour packages, and other travel products. GDS, therefore, fulfils the inventory needs of online reservation sites and travel agencies. It also allows customers to make their bookings from a choice of airlines and multiple providers. Therefore, if your travel agency is struggling with sales and attracting customers, it’s time you consider taking a look at the best 6 GDS software for the travel booking engine.

What are the best 6 GDS Software Suppliers?


Sabre is one of the best GDS systems having a dominant market in North America. Travel agents use Sabre GDS for accessing travel inventory for booking flights, hotels, and other travel services. In fact, the inventory that Sabre provides is consists of over 400 airlines and 125,000 hotels and used by over 400,000 travel agents globally. It has a record of processing over 1 million travel reservation transactions every minute during peak season.

Sabre GDS is present in about 45 countries. It also recently acquired AbacusGDS software, which is a leading API provider in Asia. Sabre also offers travel agencies desktop solutions to search and book and XML web services. In comparison to Amadeus, travel agents prefer Sabre GDS to make hotel-related bookings.  


Out of the best 6 GDS software suppliers, one of the major GDS suppliers of the travel industry in the world is Amadeus. It was created by Lufthansa, Air France, SAS, and Iberia airlines originally, focusing on inventory for airlines. As a matter of fact, Amadeus was an alternative to Sabre for the European market. However, Amadeus has now grown since its inception and connects users with travel inventories such as hotel rooms and rental cars. 

It has the largest database, data network and inventory in Europe, with an inventory of about 50 rental car companies, 58,000 hotels, and cruises, tour operators, insurance groups, etc, from around 24,000 locations. Amadeus also serves over 57,000 travel agencies and over 10,500 airline sales offices in about 200 markets globally. Amadeus offers an interactive booking solution that enables users to book flight seats online without having to connect with a travel agent.


After Sabre and Amadeus, Travelport is the third-largest GDS system. It has its headquarters in the UK. It offers technology, distribution, API, application and payment solutions for the travel industry. Travelport owns Worldspan, Galileo, and Apollo GDS systems. The GDS system enables hotel owners and other travel businesses to distribute their inventory to travel agencies worldwide. It is unique from the above two GDS systems as it relies less on its home market, unlike Sabre that is dominant in the North American market and Amadeus in the European market.

Worldspan as a part of Travelport distributes travel information, e-commerce capabilities, and internet products for travel agencies, corporations and travel providers. Travel agencies use this GDS to book air tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, packages, etc, and also provides product solutions and IT services for major airlines.


Sabre Holdings now owns Abacus and has its headquarters in Singapore. It is the largest GDS and computerized reservation system that provides flight bookings, pricing, hotel and car bookings, and other travel solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 10,000 travel agents in the Asia Pacific region across 59 markets use this GDS software. It is connected with a number of airlines and hotels both locally and globally, including low-cost carriers. 

5. Apollo

Apollo is a leading global distribution system that provides travel technologies and solutions to travel agencies, travel websites, travel suppliers, and corporations. The GDS provides real-time status updates to travel agencies which aids them in creating their packages and special offers accordingly. This GDS was previously used by United Airlines and continues to be used by Galileo International travel agency in countries such as Canada, US, Japan and Mexico.


Based in America, Expedia is a leading travel technology company that provides Travel APIs, Technology, White Label as well as B2B & B2C systems. The GDS supplier is present in over 75 countries and over 200 travel websites use Expedia. It provides an inventory of about 500 airlines and over 350,000 hotels. Previously, Expedia was a partner of Travelocity and later acquired Travelocity. Its presence in the Asian and Indian market is rapidly building up as the customer base is increasing. 

What are the features and benefits of GDS?

  • 24*7 real-time access to a vast global inventory of hotel rooms, cars, airlines, buses, tours and other travel-related items.
  • Access for both B2C and B2B travel booking engines.
  • The GDS software can easily be integrated on Android, iOS, and Web platforms.
  • Provides access to real-time availability and pricing to make online bookings.
  • Offers the best commissions and fares to travel agencies.
  • GDS makes managing and maintaining information easy.
  • It facilitates a single-window interface for all your marketing requirements.
  • GDS software enables expanding the coverage to gain exposure to other travellers and travel agents.

Last modified: 2 Jul 2020