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B2C & B2B travel portals

Best 7 B2C & B2B Online Travel Portals In USA

Planning a travel vacation can be tricky when it comes to choosing the best online travel portal. Considering the significant amount of savings that are spent on vacations and trips, it is natural for travelers to want stress-free travel planning, booking, and completion of the vacation. The major factor that makes a customer come back to your travel portal is the trust you build-up, which basically comes from the kind of experience your online travel portal provides. 

The travel industry has been booming with numerous B2C & B2B online travel portals in the market. Moreover, it is predicted to reach $818 billion by 2020. This implies that travelers are more inclined towards booking their travel with online travel agencies. So, what are the best 7 B2C & B2B online travel portals in the US, where you can smoothly plan your travel without any apprehensions? 

But before we come to that, let’s look at what features an ideal online travel portal should include to entice customers and provide a seamless user experience.

  • Professional photographs and videos of different destinations to build customer transport.
  • 24-hour customer support to help travelers while on-the-go in emergency situations.
  • Geo-location and maps integration to facilitate a search for hotels or other places in the surrounding areas.
  • Nearby feature to let travelers view places of interest, restaurants, etc near their location
  • Airport transfers to ease the commute.
  • Currency and language translation 
  • API/GDS integration services to provide access to a large inventory of flight tickets, hotel rooms, etc.

What are the best 7 B2C & B2B Travel Portals in The USA?

1. Booking.com

Booking.com is a travel fare aggregator and metasearch engine for travel reservations. It is owned and operated by Booking Holdings in the US. Booking.com has the largest market share in the European market. With over 28 million listings, it is the world’s largest accommodation provider. It offers customers a large database for booking their perfect stays. 

Why you should book your travel with Booking.com?

  • Booking.com offers more than 30 property types from hotels, resorts, homestays, to holiday homes, apartments, guest houses, lodges, et al. Choosing your required accommodation is a no brainer with Booking.com
  • With Booking.com, customers have an option to make free cancellations for most of the rooms, and also allows customers to pay later or at the hotel.
  • The online travel portal doesn’t charge any hidden booking fees and shows transparent pricing including hotel tariffs.
  • The site offers access to viewing more than 150 million customer reviews on properties. Therefore, makes it easier for customers to select their accommodation.

2. TripAdvisor

A travel and restaurant website company based in the US, TripAdvisor facilitates interactive travel forums and reviews on accommodations, restaurants, hotels, etc by customers and users. It is tagged as the biggest social travel website with over 300 million reviewers and more than 730 million reviews on hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc.

The website offers free access to users and reviewers as they provide the essential content on the website. Moreover, it generates revenue mainly through the advertising business model. In relation to content, users can post videos and photographs of their vacations. Meanwhile, the travel marketers can promote their properties or services by posting videos. It further allows users access to availability and prices of hotels listed on other travel portals.

3. Expedia

The largest online travel agency in the US, Expedia is a travel fare aggregator and metasearch engine. It consists of Trivago, Travelocity, CarRentals.com, HomeAway, Hotels.com, Hotwire.com Orbitz, etc. Expedia is a B2B & B2C online travel portal, serving businesses as well as end customers through its website. 

It offers access to an inventory of over 1 million properties, more than 500 airlines, 175+ rental car companies, over 1.8 million HomeAway listings. Further, it has its presence in more than 70 countries and earns 45% of its revenue from international sources. In terms of gross bookings, Expedia earned $99.7 billion in 2018 and a revenue of $11.2 billion.

4. Priceline

Owned by Booking Holdings, Priceline is headquartered in Connecticut, US. The online travel website provides access to discounted rates for travel-related bookings such as hotel rooms and flight tickets. The travel portal offers the best price guarantee of the lowest prices with huge discounts on hotels, flights, and rental cars.

How Priceline differentiates itself from its competitors is through Opaque booking, which works when your travel dates, airlines or hotel rooms are not fixed and you are flexible in making your bookings. The online travel agency further offers low prices on its other opaque tool which is named Express deals. The travel website claims to sell about 2.5 million hotel room nights every month.

5. Hotels.com

Headquartered in Texas, US, Hotels.com is a travel website that facilitates hotel rooms booking through its own as well as over 85 websites. The online travel portal has more than 325,000 hotel listings in 19,000 locations for different property types such as Ned & Breakfast, condos, and commercial lodging.

A part of Expedia Group, Hotel.com offers customers a wide selection of accommodation including major chain hotels and independent hotels.

6. Kayak

Owned by Booking Holdings and headquartered in Connecticut US, Kayak is a travel search and metasearch engine. The online travel portal claims to process more than 2 billion searches related to travel information, every year.

The company also operates travel search engines such as Swoodoo, Momondo, Checkfelix, Cheapflights, HotelsCombined, and Mundi, and is present in more than 30 countries worldwide. The online travel agency facilitates a comparison between travel options from numerous travel sites to find the best deals.

7. Orbitz

Headquartered in Illinois, US,  and a subsidiary of Expedia Group, Orbitz is a travel fare aggregator and metasearch engine. As per statistics, the online travel portal experienced 11.42M total site visits in 6 months and estimated annual revenue of $933.5 million.

To differentiate its offerings from its competitors, Orbitz offers in-house loyalty programs, regularly published low prices, frequent discounts, and strong search functionality. The range of services the online travel agency offers includes flight tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, activities, packages, cruises, et al.

These best 7 B2C and B2B online travel portals in the USA are doing exceptionally well in their domains and niche. Therefore, if you as a travel business owner are seeking to double your revenue, you should research and apply strategies and techniques these websites apply to increase their revenues.

If you are looking for travel portal development to gain brand visibility and increase your customer base, it is the right time to leverage this lucrative market. Consulting a travel portal development company is advisable to get a brilliant and unique app designed for your travel business.

Last modified: 7 Jul 2020