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XML/API GDS integration company

Which is the best XML/ API GDS integration company for a travel agency?

A successful travel business can no longer run on the basis of spending enough on sales and marketing of its products and services. Today, with the advent of technology and XML/API GDS integration company, there is a paradigm shift in the running of a travel business. We have started talking about travel APIs. Travel APIs are nothing but web services which avail the travel deals from the Global Distribution System (GDS), hotel APIs, travel consolidators as well as third-party flight APIs. 

It is through this XML/API GDS integration that the travel agencies can provide inventories of flight seats, hotel rooms, tours, etc. Your online travel agency can leverage this large inventory to increase sales and ROI. This article will highlight some of the best XML/API GDS Integration company and service providers. But before that let us understand what exactly is API and the steps for XML/API integration.

What Is XML/API GDS Integration?

XML/API integrations are third-party suppliers or connectors between suppliers and travel agencies that facilitate fetching of information on different suppliers on an online travel portal. Further, application Programming Interface (API) keys enable the integration of third-party suppliers with your system and fetch real-time information. Therefore, travelers can access the live inventory of hotels, flights, tour packages or rental cars on your travel portal.

Every online travel agency will have a booking engine. There is an integration of the travel API with the third-party GDS, feed, inventory system. The APIs belong to the suppliers or the banks. The banks and payment processors have their APIs integrated with the site of the travel agencies. The payment gateways will have APIs through which the clients will be able to make secure payments, using their debit or credit cards.

How To Integrate XML/API With Online Travel Agency?

The first and foremost step is the selection of required XML/API GDS company by your travel portal. While finalizing the suppliers you need to consider factors such as your business requirements, supplier rates, and regions they serve.

Your online travel agency may require multiple APIs. Therefore, the suppliers send API documents to you and your technology partner, a travel portal development company. These documents contain technical information about the implementation of APIs, the URLs, names and other parameters.

The travel portal software company analyzes the implementation feasibility of APIs and whether they need any modifications. In case of any modifications, suppliers need to approve to ensure that the modifications comply with their standards.

The travel portal development company then prepares a testing environment for the portal. Thereafter, it delivers a live environment for travelers to view the live inventory and complete their bookings.

Which is the best XML/API Integration GDS company for your online travel agency?

The travelers will have a better inventory available, only when multiple APIs appear on your travel portal. However, the information on the suppliers, from whom the data is fetched remains hidden in the travel agency website.


It is one of the largest GDS systems in Europe. Amadeus covers about 40% of travel agency reservations and is used by about 90,000 travel portals. Amadeus initially focused on supplying airline inventories. But, it has now expanded to offer inventories on hotel rooms, car rentals, railways, etc. It provides both B2B and B2C distribution on a global level with 24-hour access to hotel inventories for travel agencies.


Sabre is a US-based GDS that is older than Amadeus. But, it has a smaller market with about 60,000 travel agencies using the GDS. Even though it lags behind with respect to market share, Sabre outperforms Amadeus in terms of hotel bookings. It also offers the best access to the North-American market for travel agencies and travelers.


Ranking third in the list of largest GDS systems, Travelport has its headquarters in the UK. It also owns subsidiaries such as Galileo, Worldspan, and Apollo. The main market for Travelport is North America, but it also has spread its reach in Europe and Asia Pacific region. Travelport supplies inventories on airlines, hotel rooms, and hotel products.


It is the leading supplier of travel solutions in the Asia Pacific region with about 100,000 travel agencies using GDS integration services. It provides travel information that is specifically tailored for the Asia-Pacific region, on flight reservations, car rentals, hotels, and insurance providers.


A subsidiary of Travelport GDS, Worldspan provides travel distribution services to travel agencies, suppliers, travel portals, and corporations globally. The Worldspan API provides also interactive shopping tools with industry-first fares, booking technology, and pricing for hotel rooms, airline tickets, tour packages, rental cars, etc, that facilitate online travel agencies with cost reduction and increased revenues.


The Galileo software is owned by Travelport and consolidates inventories for airline reservations, hotel rooms, cruises, train travel, and rental cars. It also provides travel agencies with 24-hour access to global hotel inventories and pricing information. 

Other XML/API Integration Suppliers

SuppliersTypes of API's
Ease travelAirlines, Hotels, Railways, and Bus Inventory
MYSTIFLYAirlines Inventory
YATRAFlights, Hotels, Buses, and Trains Inventory
TRAVELFUSIONAirlines Inventory
HOTELSPROHotels Inventory
ROOMS XMLFlights, Cars, Cruise, Hotels, Trains Inventory
JAC TRAVELSHotels Inventory
ASIA TRAVELFlights, Hotels, and Tours Inventory
GULLIVERGTA XML Integration – Hotels, Tours, Transfers Inventory
TOURICO XML Integration Hotels, Cruises – Worldwide Inventory
HOTELBEDS XML IntegrationWorldwide Hotel Inventory
HOTELSPRO XML IntegrationWorldwide Hotel Inventory
JAC (JACOB) XML Integration Worldwide Hotel Inventory
SPECIAL TOURS XML IntegrationEurope & Middle East hotel inventory
Hilton XML Integration Worldwide Hotel Inventory
BOSCOLO XML IntegrationEuropean Hotel Inventory
JUMBO XML Integration European Hotel Inventory
Hotels-Do XML IntegrationSpanish Hotel Inventory
Transhotel XML Integration Spanish and European Hotel Inventory
WHL XML IntegrationItalian Hotel Inventory
RESTEL XML IntegrationSpanish and European Hotel Inventory
GO-GLOBAL XML Integration WorldWide Hotel Inventory
WORLD AVENUES XML Integration Middle East Hotel inventory
DOTW (Destinations Of The World) XML Integration Middle East Hotel Inventory
SMILO XML Integration Spanish, European and Central American Hotel Inventory
TravelAsia XML Integration Far East Hotel Inventory
TRAVCO XML IntegrationUSA Hotel Inventory

What are the benefits of XML/API integration?

Providing access to live inventories globally for every aspect of travel and tourism, from hotel rooms to flight tickets, tours, car rentals, et al, XML/API integration has become a significant part of every online travel agency.

The benefits of XML/API/GDS integration services help travel agencies to have wider access to customers worldwide, provide travelers with customized travel solutions thereby increasing their sales, revenue, and creating brand visibility. Take a look at some of the benefits of integrating APIs with your travel portal:

  • APIs provide a large inventory for flight bookings, hotels, rental cars, tours, payment gateways, etc enabling travelers from all over the world to plan their travel with ease.
  • They also facilitate your online travel agency with target marketing by integrating with large suppliers based on geographical location.
  • As the inventories are managed by the API owner, your travel agency can maintain the system without any issues.
  • Inventories are centrally managed.
  • Your online travel agency can implement multiple integrations in one system to access a large inventory.


This era is dominated by smartphones and modern travelers prefer information at their fingertips while on-the-go. They require accessing real-time information and the availability of flights, car rentals, hotels, and other activities, at the most competitive rates.

If your online travel agency doesn’t provide enough information or the ease of booking to these modern age travelers, you might end up losing them to your competitors. Therefore, it is vital for you to use the best XML/API GDS Integration services and achieve a robust growth for your online travel agency business.

Last modified: 3 Jul 2020