How Will Blockchain Change the Healthcare Industry; As We Know It?

The Blockchain technology, which was originally developed for the peer to peer transfer of funds, has found relevant...

Does all Healthcare Apps Need to be HIPAA/HITECH Compliant?

HIPAA has helped the people in preventing their loss of health insurance.Over the years it has reduced the cost overheads as well as the administrative works...

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Top Best E-prescription Healthcare Apps

RxTAB Prescription App From managing the clinic, keeping the patient’s records to prescription writing this app will completely digitize your clinic.The data...

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Top Best Telemedicine Healthcare Apps Where Patients And Doctors Can Communicate

The telemedicine healthcare apps not only provide you with the immediate video consultation with the doctors but also provides you with economical healthcare...

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Best Health and Fitness Quotes 2015-2016

A healthy lifestyle is an ideal way of living. There are generous and significant benefits of choosing a healthy life because it ensures that you stay fit as...

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Architect Successful Healthcare Mobile App

I always used to ask to God where superman was when my granny needed him. If superman existed for real, my granny would have reached to the hospital on time....

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Wearables- The future of Healthcare IT Solutions

The wearable technology market is expected to exceed $2.9 billion till 2016, accounting for atleast half of the wearable HEALTHCARE market. -IMS Research The...

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