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How Much Does It Cost For Travel Website Development?

As a travel agency business owner who wants to leverage the lucrative travel and tourism market, the first question that comes to your mind is how much does travel website development cost. However, this is a question that can’t be answered by any travel portal development company outrightly. There are various factors that they need to consider before they arrive at an estimated price for developing your travel website.

What factors influence travel portal development cost?

Before we come down to discussing the factors that shape the cost of travel website development, we will discuss some essential factors about your travel business. These factors will further aid the developers in understanding your business vision and requirements for them to arrive at a certain figure.

What is your niche?

Your niche will decide what kind of features and functionality will go onto your travel website. The choice between catering to domestic customers or having a global reach also influences the cost factor. This is due to factors such as API/GDS integration services, etc.

Is your travel business B2B or B2C?

Travel business owners have a choice to select either the Business to Consumer Model or the Business to Business Model. The B2C model is used when the travel website sells services and products directly to the consumers whereas in the B2B model as the names suggest the travel website connects with businesses and partners to sell their services.

Although the cost difference is not very much, however, a B2B travel website development costs a little more than a B2C travel website development.

Once you have decided on the above two factors while starting a travel agency, the next step is to get in touch with a travel portal development company. You will have to discuss how much will the travel website development cost for your travel business. The cost estimation that you will receive from the development team will largely depend on the below factors:

Features & Functionality

The most important factor in deciding the cost of your travel website development is the functionality and features that go onto your website. A travel portal with basic features would obviously cost lesser than one with advanced features. 

Moreover, a travel website with a simple functionality usually costs from $2000-$5000 approximately. The cost increases respectively for medium to high complex functionality apps.

Location of the development team

Another factor that significantly influences the cost of travel portal development is the location of the development team. For instance, the charges per hour are relatively much higher in the US and European regions as compared to the Asian region.

Developers in India and Indonesia are considered to provide significantly cheap per hour rates for developing a travel website. The developers and designers charge for the setup, development, designing, maintenance, upgrades, etc.

Developer rates for travel website development are estimated as below:

The US – $30- $50

Eastern Europe – $25-$50

Africa – $20-$40

Asia – $18-$40

Development Time

The complexity decides how much time the developers will take to build a travel website for you. Naturally, the more features and the higher the complexity the more time it would take for them to design the website. The cost of development is therefore directly proportional to the development time.

Reputation Of the Company

The cost also depends on the type of travel portal development company you are hiring and the experience of the development professionals. A reputed company that has immense experience and a good client portfolio is preferred by every travel agency.

With the better quality in service and a higher number of successful project completion, comes a higher cost of development. 

API/GDS integration services

Accessing a large inventory of hotels, flights, tours, railways, or rental car companies is streamlined by API/GDS integration services. With API/GDS integration, you no longer have to reach out to individual companies, hotels, airlines, etc for your inventory.

During your travel website development, you can give the travel portal development company the APIs you want. The company also provides travel agencies with APIs, if needed, at an additional cost. 

Security of Travel Portal

Customers trust websites that are secure from all kinds of threats and scams., therefore you need to get enhanced security for your travel website. A travel portal development may charge you additionally to enable 3d verification codes and captcha.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating secured payment gateways help customers trust your travel website in sharing their personal and payment information without worrying about their information being compromised. 

As per an experiment by Kayak, removing the SSL/TLS encrypted message resulted in a decrease in bookings. Therefore, integrating multiple payment gateways with the travel website influences the cost of development.

Design of the Website

A fast and responsive website in this technologically advanced era is what increases the customer conversion rate. Therefore, a fast and responsive website influences the development cost. Further, the design of your website may be basic or advances according to which the development costs vary. 

Are You Considering Hiring Freelancers?

Travel portal development companies may turn out to be a costly affair for a small scale travel agency that is seeking travel website development. Many travel agencies end up hiring freelancers to get their website developed for a cheaper rate. However, there a few drawbacks involved in hiring a freelancer to develop your travel portal.

Drawbacks of hiring a freelancer for your travel website development:


Accountability is a major concern while hiring freelancers for your travel portal development. There is always a risk that the freelancer may not deliver the website on time or the quality may not meet your expectations. It is also possible that the developer may not be able to deliver your project at all.

Moreover, there is no way to confirm the credibility of the developer you have hired.

Limited Skill Set

Travel portal development requires a whole team of developers for each step in the development process to craft a brilliant website that goes beyond your expectations. However, a freelancer may not necessarily possess all the skills to develop your travel website all by himself. 

Many freelancers hire other freelancers in the development process as they have a limited skill set. This may impact the delivery time and quality of your travel portal development.


Considering the above factors, it is best to hire a reputed travel portal development company to build a travel website for your business. Although the travel website development cost is a little higher than the cost of hiring a freelancer, however, if you want to increase your brand loyalty, build trust amongst your customers and increase your revenue, you need a premium quality travel website.

Last modified: 3 Jul 2020