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How Much Does It Cost To Create A Restaurant Food Ordering App?

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With the comfort and convenience, that the food delivery apps have brought into each individual’s life, restaurants and food businesses are embracing food ordering apps to provide their customers the convenience as well as increasing their revenue. Consequently, the online food ordering and the delivery market has been surging and is estimated to generate $164,002 million by 2024. Moreover, the restaurant food ordering apps are gaining more traction in comparison to other food delivery apps. Therefore, while it’s imperative for every restaurant to have its own food ordering app, the question ‘how much does it cost to create a restaurant food ordering app, still lingers in every restaurant owner’s mind.

A restaurant food ordering app not only helps the restaurant owner to increase the customer base but also to expand its business. Therefore, restaurants that build a restaurant food ordering app have a competitive advantage over other restaurants that don’t have an app. Besides, the apps also provide effective solutions to manage the restaurant business. Speaking about the cost of developing a food ordering app, there are different estimates provided all over the internet by different companies. This leaves the restaurant owners confused about which is the right estimate for their business.

What is the development cost for a restaurant food ordering app?

Essentially, a food delivery app development costs between $12,000 to $20,000 for a basic app, whereas a more complex app may cost over $40,000 depending on the requirements of your business. Moreover, the developers in different countries charge different hourly rates. For instance,

In the US, developers charge between $50 – $250 per hour

The developers in Eastern Europe charge between $30 – $150 per hour, and

In India, developers charge between $10 – $80 per hour. 

How much time does it take to develop an app?

The time estimates for each process of app development is as below:

  • Technicalities take approx 40 hours.
  • UI/UX design takes approx 60 hours
  • Back-end and Front-end takes approx 400 hours
  • Testing takes approx 80 hours 
  • Fixing bugs and errors takes approx 40 hours

What are the cost-influencing factors in food delivery app development?

Technically, the development cost for any app depends on a few factors which are considered when consulting a food delivery app development company. These factors are:


The number of platforms such as iOS, Android, and Web, that the app is required to be built on influences the cost of development. Moreover, if the app is a native app, different versions will be developed for different platforms which will cost more in comparison to a hybrid app. Similarly, if the restaurant requires a restaurant ordering website and an app as well, the development charges would rise.

Features & Functionalities

One of the main factors that define the cost of development are the features and functionalities of the app. For instance, a basic restaurant food ordering app with basic features such as geolocation, menu, reviews & ratings, and push notifications would require fewer developers and designers, and thereby the development cost would be cheaper. Whereas, to develop a complex app with the basic as well as advanced features such as pre-order, social media integration, multiple payment options, online table reservation, real-time tracking, etc, would obviously cost a lot more.

Developer’s Location

As discussed above, the cost of development may vary depending on the developers or development companies in different regions. Asian countries such as India and Indonesia prove to be the most economical places for developing mobile apps. Moreover, as per the project scale and the functionality of the app, more developers may be required to work on a single project which would again increase the cost.


The design of the app also plays a crucial role in deciding the cost of development. The design may either be basic or complex depending on the app requirements. A user-friendly and highly responsive app design with advanced technologies would cost more than a basic design.

What Are The Must-Have Features For A Restaurant Food Ordering App?

A restaurant food ordering app contains 3 panels and each panel has features for the convenience of the respective user. These panels and features are:

Restaurant Panel

A restaurant module is for use by the managers and owner of the restaurant to ensure a smooth flow of receiving orders and delivering them accurately. The essential features that a restaurant module should have are:

  • Admin Panel
  • Order Management
  • Content Management
  • Accept/Decline Order
  • Payment Process
  • Dashboard
  • Add/Edit Menu

Driver Panel

The Driver panel is for the use by the delivery person to effectively pick and deliver orders, which can be tracked by the restaurant as well as the customer. The essential features on the driver panel are:

  • Status Update
  • GPS maps 
  • Order History
  • Wallet
  • In-app chat and calls
  • Online Support
  • Withdraw payment

User Panel

The user panel is for the customers to order their meals from different restaurants. They can receive the delivery at their doorstep or pick-up their meals from the restaurant. Some restaurants also offer advanced features on this panel such as pre-ordering meals, reserving seats online, customizing meals, etc. The other essential features on the user panel are:

  • Search restaurants nearby
  • View Menu
  • Track order
  • Payments
  • Offers & discounts
  • View previous orders
  • Reviews & ratings


In addition to the basic features, advanced features keep adding to the cost of developing a restaurant food ordering app. Restaurants are also leveraging emerging technologies such as AR/VR, Machine Learning, and AI, with the help of app development companies to develop robust food ordering apps and provide maximum convenience to their customers. 

Therefore, if you are looking to get a restaurant food ordering app for your business, you should hire the right restaurant application development company that fits your budget as well as your business requirements. This should have answered how much does it cost to create a restaurant food ordering app. However, for a clearer picture, you will have to consult an app development company. A professional restaurant development company should be able to understand your business idea, research on your market and consumers and develop a responsive and user-friendly restaurant food ordering app for your business.

Last modified: 1 Jul 2020