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How Much Does It Cost To Develop Online Medicine Delivery App?

Online medicine delivery apps have taken the world by storm with the convenience it provides people especially the aged and disabled in receiving timely medicines and consultations from the comfort of their homes. So, businesses want to create medicine delivery apps. The main question is-“How Much Does It Cost To Develop Online Medicine Delivery App?

People across continents have embraced the online pharmacy delivery apps leading to an exponential growth of the pharmaceutical industry. The projected growth of the industry globally is at a CAGR of 6.4% reaching $1694.7 billion by 2023.

Integration of online medicine delivery apps with emerging technologies such as Big data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, IoT, etc is bringing about a radical transformation in the healthcare domain. Medicine delivery app development is in high demand by pharmacies, healthcare providers and medical businesses.

When considering developing online medicine delivery apps, the first question asked by businesses is how much does it cost to develop an online medicine delivery app. Therefore, we will be discussing the cost of development along with the features and other factors that influence the cost.

What are the factors that influence online medicine delivery app development cost?

The cost of developing an online medicine delivery app depends on various factors. For instance, the features of the app, development platforms, location of app development company, time taken to develop the app, etc. Therefore, it is difficult for the medicine delivery app development company to determine the cost without understanding your project’s requirements. 

Features & Functionality

One of the most important factors that shape the cost of app development is the features. Advanced features that make the app stand out to increase the cost with the increase in the number of features. Some of the advanced features are as follows:

  • Consultation – The medical apps provide patients with access to receiving consultation from doctors and healthcare providers. It also provides information about medicines or health products.
  • Multilingual – The customers can use this feature to access information on the app in their own language.
  • Lab Search – The feature allows customers to search for nearby labs for medical diagnosis and tests. 
  • Upload documents – Users can upload prescriptions, ID proofs or other necessary documents to complete their orders or to receive prescriptions based on their reports.
  • Cloud Storage: This feature streamlines the functionality of the app by storing all data in relation to orders, delivery, etc on cloud servers.

The development cost of an app is higher for highly complex functionality and relatively low for basic complexity apps. 

Development Platforms

Online medicine delivery apps developed on more than one platform cost more than apps developed only on one platform. Further, the technology used in developing the app also influences the cost of development. For instance, integrating multiple payment gateways, cloud environment, real-time analytics, etc that increase the convenience and enhance user experience increases the cost.

Development Location

The location of the development team influences the cost of development significantly. This is because the hourly rates of developers vary across regions and countries. For instance, a developer in the US charges between $150-$250per hour, whereas in Eastern Europe developers charge $120-$180per hour. Countries like India and Indonesia are the most economical for app development, where developers charge between $40-$80 per hour.

Development Time

The features and functionality will decide how much time an app would take to be developed, tested, and delivered. The developers charge hourly rates, therefore, the longer the development time, the higher will be the development cost. 

The development team usually consists of a project manager, iOS developers, graphic designers, Android developers, backend developers, UX/UI designers, and QA testers. The number of developers and designers needed for medicine delivery app development varies as per the requirement of the project. The cost of development varies based on how many members from the development team are required to develop your app.

The reputation of the Company

Lastly, the online medicine delivery app development company you hire may have a different cost as compared to other companies. A company that has a good reputation and numerous successfully delivered projects is bound to charge more.

The above information would give a fair idea about what you can expect when you arrive at the question’ how much does it cost to develop an online medicine delivery app?’

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Last modified: 8 Jul 2020