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How To Build Best Ride Sharing App Like BlablaCar And Uber?

The success of BlaBlaCar and Uber took the world by storm and introduced a smarter way of commuting. It didn’t take very long for these ridesharing companies to gain dominance in the market leaving behind the city taxis and cabs. One of the most essential success factors for Uber and BlaBlaCar can be credited to the best ride sharing app.

Through these carpooling apps, people not only save on transportation costs but also help reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution. Moreover, drivers are also able to make a profit by offering their empty seats to others for a charge. The benefits and convenience of ridesharing apps extend to both drivers and passengers.

Businesses are actively seeking reputed ridesharing app development companies to leverage the lucrative market. Building the best ride-sharing app like BlaBlaCar and Uber for your business is still the right decision despite numerous players and heavy competition in the market. So, this blog will talk about how you can start the best ridesharing app for your business. But before that, here are some stats on the success of Uber and BlaBlaCar.

What are some key Statistics of Uber?

  • The global market value of Uber is $72 billion with over 75 million active riders worldwide.
  • Uber is present in 80+ countries and has more than 3 million drivers.
  • The average earning of an uber driver is $364 per month.
  • The gross bookings of Uber in the recent quarter generated $12 billion

What are some key statistics on BlaBlaCar?

  • The estimated annual revenue of Blablacar in 2019 was $92.5 million.
  • BlaBlaCar has 70 million users as of 2019.
  • Available in 22 countries most of which are in Europe.

How To Start A Ride Sharing App?

Building the best ride sharing app involves a few steps and decisions to ensure that your app sustains in the cut-throat competition. Deciding on a unique value proposition to offer to your customers that others may still have not thought about can help you gain an edge over your competitors. So, let’s look at what is required to create the best ride sharing app like BlaBlaCar and Uber.

Choose The Niche

The first step to create a ridesharing app is to choose between a carpooling app or a ridesharing app. Both the terms are mostly used interchangeably, however, there’s a slight difference between the two. Ridesharing is an on-demand cab service that operates with the customers booking a ride with a privately-owned car through an intermediary such as Uber. Whereas, carpooling is where riders share a car with the driver for a common destination and pay a fee directly to the driver of the car.

Essentially, in ridesharing, the drivers aren’t necessarily going to the final destination of the riders. But, they provide cab service to riders, one trip after the other. Whereas, carpooling involves a group of people going in the same direction, splitting the cost of fuel amongst themselves.

Decide the Revenue Model

To create a successful ride sharing app, you should have a strong business model to generate revenue. The business models usually involve three ways to generate revenue for your ridesharing business.

Running ads on the carpooling app is the predominant source of earning revenue. This model works for apps that don’t charge an app download fee. When the user clicks on the add, a fee is charged from that particular company that has displayed their ads on the ridesharing app. 

The other revenue source is in-app purchases which for instance can require drivers to purchase the top positions on the app by paying the required amount. The last revenue source can generate revenue by requiring users to pay a fee to access the advanced features of the app, which is called the freemium model.

Ridesharing App Development Company

The main decision to build a ride sharing app like BlaBlaCar and Uber is to find a reputed ridesharing app development company to craft an app that resonates with your business values and vision. The criteria to select the best ride sharing app development company involves looking at the client portfolio of the company, years of experience, the location of the development team, and client testimonials.

The above factors would aid you in your decision to choose the best company that can transform your business idea into a viable reality. While there are many software development companies in the market, Enuke Software is one such company that has more than 8 years of experience in this domain and has a 92% client retention rate. 

Select Essential Features For The App

Features are what enhance the quality and value of your ridesharing app. Moreover, they provide convenience to your customers in booking their cabs or carpooling by easily navigating through the app. The features you choose should enhance the user experience and provide the maximum convenience.

Some of the advanced features that you can design your carpooling app for riders, drivers and admin with are as follows:

Rider Panel

  • Geo-location to track driver’s location in real-time
  • Multiple payment gateways integration
  • Rating & Reviews option
  • In-app messaging and calling feature
  • Information on driver and passenger
  • Favorites feature to quickly book previous bookings
  • Emergency button for users to raise alarm alerts
  • Estimation of time and fare while booking the ride

Driver Panel

  • Status to make drivers show their availability on the app
  • Navigation for real-time information on traffic and best routes
  • Bookings to accept or cancel pick-up or drop-off requests
  • Reviews to check ratings or reviews about the passenger
  • Estimation of fare and discounts
  • Reports to view statistics on earnings and trips.

Admin Panel

  • Passenger Management to view records of all users, their feedback or past bookings
  • Driver Management to approve new drivers and manage payments
  • Dashboard to view key statistics, manage vehicles, or send notifications to users and drivers
  • Payment Management to set commission rates for drivers
  • Reports to view report on business operations and marketing performance


Once the above steps have been covered, you can completely entrust your ridesharing app development in the hands of the chosen software development company, while you focus on the core business operations. The mobile app development process may require your involvement from time to time to select the features, technology, or platforms you want your carpooling app to be built on.

Furthermore, the cost of developing a ridesharing app will depend on the complexity of your app, the features and functionality of the app, and the location of the development team as the major factors. Following the above steps, you can create the best ridesharing app like BlaBlaCar and Uber and prepare to leverage the lucrative ridesharing market and earn great ROI. 

Last modified: 2 Jul 2020